Dawn Luedecke believes a person should always have passion. She is a country girl born and bred where she spent much of her life surrounded by horses, and country folk amid the wild terrain of Nevada, Idaho and Montana. Okay, I am jealous. Dawn later left that life to find adventure by serving in the United States Coast Guard. That is where she found her soul mate, began her family and put pen to paper to begin her writing career. I can tell her passion shines through in her writing, especially in To Tame A Montana Heart, and I look forward to more of her mesmerizing stories in the future.

To Tame a Montana Heart is an engaging read. This reader was immediately drawn in from the beginning. The strong character of Travis, and the sassiness of Dusty, blends in with some interesting dialogue that spins a splendid good read. Dawn Luedecke adds just the right amount of zest within her main characters, and secondary characters to create a convincing story of love and romance, along with action, thrills and downright good charm. She incorporates a western romance that is hard to put down, with a cast of colorful players that one will not soon forget.

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