It's nice to be here for Book Brew, and thanks to Martha for deciding
that we fit the February ultra-romance theme.


Because our book, My Funny Valentine, is about an aspect of love My Funny Valentine and romance that you don't find in more respectable books, the secret underside experience nobody mentions, but everybody has known at some time in their life of passion:  that it's FUNNY.  So, sorry, our February offering is short on ripped abs and bare pecs and sundered bodices–My Funny Valentine is a collection of forty of America's most hilarious writers coming to grips with the lighter side of love, romance, and other complications. 

Valentine's Day is made of  romance, but that can mean different things to the long-married, dating burn-outs, grade-school kids,  and sci-fi addicts, to mention a few.    The thing about such matters of the heart, and other suspect organs,  is that sometimes it just makes you cry…and sometimes you just gotta laugh.

The Writers

We thought the idea for this book–an inexpensive gift book of Vday humor–was a good one and would attract some good material, but we were amazed at the number and quality of submissions we got.  These are some of the funniest writers alive: winners of the big contests, syndicated
columnists, TV producers, gag writers for popular shows, hot comediennes.  Turns out everybody loves humor, but publishers are scared of it.  (Possibly because they don't have enough to recognize it when they see it?)  It's been great getting to know these people.  Now the book has been well-reviewed and people are picking it up for seasonal gifts (and apparently to read and giggle on the bus or "throne", judging from the number of eBooks bought) and everybody's happy.  And laughing and loving and all that.