As a YA author I literally immerse myself in everything that deals with this market which includes movies, books, and yes, even TV shows. I admit it, I’m a romantic. I love when I find a great romance within the storyline. I’m also a big sucker for forbidden love stories. I especially love the ones where against all odds, somehow, the heroine keeps coming back. Sometimes it works out and other times, well, it doesn’t. Yes, I go through tons of Kleenex.
Here’s a few of my favorites:

Who can forget the romance between Buffy and Angel? Then after Buffy’s ‘first time’, Angel ends up going all nasty and mean. I really don’t think Buffy got over that even when later on she has a brief but passionate fling with Spike.

Sure Logan blamed her for the death of his sister but once he got together with Veronica, their romance sizzled. I hated when they did break it off and really think this couple might have gotten back together if the series hadn’t been canceled so soon.

Liz always thought Max was kind of cute even if he was distant. We all find out why. He’s an alien who ends up blowing his cover when he brings Liz back to life after she’s killed. Their love brings new meaning to being on a rollercoaster ride with all its ups and downs. Still there is something magical whenever they do get together. A touch, a glance, that’s all it takes. Wow. Seems not even Max’s brief romp with a fellow alien could extinguished this love.

What’s a girl to do? Both Stefan and Damon are vampires who are in love with Elena. Sure she looks exactly like their first love, Katherine, who lived back in 1864. We find out Elena’s a doppelganger and the brothers need her not only to survive but for other reasons too. I admit I’m more camp Damon. This season Stefan has gone all dark and I love that Elena isn’t doing a Bella, whining and moaning he isn’t in to her anymore. Then Damon lays a kiss on her which is totally wow-worthy. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes!


Wow, what was with the one wedding episode? Blair and Chuck are so much alike and you can’t help but wish they’d be together but fate and other things like another unlikely love interest, keep tearing them apart. I can’t help but wonder what will happen with these two.

So you can see I love a good romance and tried to use the above models when writing my own YAs.


In my own YA paranormal, sixteen-year-old Stephanie Stewart finds herself looking at the boy next door, Dylan, in a whole different light. Sure, they had a little Dawson Creek going which is similar to Joey finally realizing her childhood friend is hot:

Enter the bad boy Mark into Stephanie’s life and everything goes crazy. Oh, did I mention Stephanie is a rescuer, someone who has to make talismans to help release murdered girl’s souls to their version of heaven? Stephanie struggles against her calling and her heart.

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This YA fantasy is lighter but still has some romance. Fifteen-year-old Jordan Lake loves vintage clothing, romance, and Audrey Hepburn. Plus she really wishes Ethan would ask her to the upcoming school dance.
Imagine her disbelief when she finds out her favorite movie was based on a mysterious aunt’s life. Then she finds an antique bracelet that looks a lot like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in that movie. Let’s just say that Jordan finds out sometimes a girl needs to be careful on what she wishes for.
While writing GODDESSES, I listened to tons of Taylor Swift. The song that reminded me of Jordan had to be Love Song:

And of course I did tons of research on Audrey Hepburn. Let’s just say I’m totally in love with this icon!

Just a hint of what’s in store for Jordan next! NO GODDESSES ALLOWED coming this Spring with Zumaya Publishing.

What are some of your favorite couples? And why?

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