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Tyronne inwardly groaned as he thought about his day while driving home in his Camaro. Even though the weekend was close, the late hour meant traffic was light. It was hard not to concentrate on the repeated passing of white lines caught in the reflection of his headlights. God, I wish I had someone to call tonight! He hadn’t had sex in—well, it had been a while. After Tracy tried to trap him into marriage, he’d taken a break from dating.


Focusing on the upcoming freeway sign, he thought about heading downtown and meeting someone. Just two more exits and he wouldn’t have to be alone tonight. He probably wouldn’t even have to get out of his car. Women loved his car and when he drove down the street in his Rally Yellow Camaro, people stared.


Men looked away quickly, apparently angry or jealous, while women drooled and spread their legs. Before the deal with his ex, he’d picked up women all the time just cruising around on the weekends.


He was about to change lanes and make his way toward the exit when a little green Volkswagen Beetle pulled up beside him. Intending to pass the little bug, he sped up, glanced at the driver and saw her run her tongue over her upper lip. She smiled, looked back at the road, and passed him. He caught up to her easily and glanced at her again. She was cute and innocent-looking in her pink sweater and what appeared to be a white t-shirt underneath. Her curly brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was too dark to be certain, but she seemingly wore little or no makeup.


Ty smiled. This was just what he needed tonight.


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