A $5 gift cert for Trix! Glad you stopped by!

I survived the dog walk–whew. Rojo weighs 16 pounds but he drags me harder than 60# KayCee does! He hasn't had much leash time before he came to us I can tell. Well, it has been a fun day and we're close to the formal closing time but chat can go on til midnight and I will stop back a time or two later to be sure all is well.

Thanks most sincerely to our great authors who were right in there talking with us and sharing some amazing sounding books! One of you will win a promo freebie from CTR; I'll draw and announce that tomorrow.

Oh, the quilt for Dec. Here it was not tied and bound but you can get an idea of how it looks!! I have about 15" of the binding to stitch now is all. My mini quilts are always totally reversible and this one is no exception–two sides, two times the fun!

  Someone will win it in December, just in time for yor own Christmas gift!