CTR: Please give us a short blurb on your book and where we can get a copy! Please include genre and overall rating, considering explicit content, realistic language, violence etc.

GB: The Journey is my latest novella, being released by Eternal Press on December 7, 2010
The genre is paranormal erotica with historical elements. It has a five flame rating with F/F/M ménage and light BDSM.

They don’t hang witches in Salem anymore, but Milena’s punishment is being shunned. When her lover Thomas’ ship is lost at sea, she fears he perished with the rest of the crew leaving her alone in a town bracing for a war over slavery, but still rife with an older form of prejudice.

Milena travels into the Forest and Sea Otherworlds to search for him, paying the fairies for her passage with bodily pleasures. Circe, the evil mermaid holding Thomas hostage, demands even more. She faces off against Circe in her underwater lair, endures the wrath of a colony of escaped slaves, and learns the terrible truth of what led to the shipwreck that left Thomas as its only survivor.

On the long journey, Milena learns to use her powers in ways she never imagined and discovers surprising truths about her own past. Left questioning everything she has ever believed, she must make the choice whether to return home with Thomas or stay in the Otherworlds forever.

CTR: What inspired you to write this particular story? If this is your first book share why you chose this genre or setting and if it’s just your first in this style/genre what made you choose this as a new direction?

GB: I almost always write paranormal, and it’s usually erotic. But this is the first story I’ve done that started out as a woman’s personal journey and ended up with a major historical theme. My witches are often New Englanders, since I lived up there and am very familiar with the Salem area. But the way the story evolved slavery and prejudice drove the story, and I think it turned out very well.

The prose style in The Journey is also much more lush than that in my novelette Hot Chocolate Kiss, also published by Eternal Press, which has a snarky, contemporary heroine who’s been dumped by her husband.

CTR: What do you think is the major appeal of the spooky, macabre and bizarre aspects of the paranormal? Do you think elements of horror can successfully blend with romance and form an appealing novel? Do you think fear and danger can be an aphrodisiac?

GB: The paranormal realm involves supernatural forces that are poorly understood and difficult, if not impossible to explain, control, or predict. Magical creatures and beings, dead or undead, conjure the sense of mystery and intrigue. Bizarre manifestations or events lend themselves well to dark fantasy and horror elements as characters struggle to deal with what comes their way.

Erotic urges are primal, often dark, and compel people to do things they wouldn’t normally consider. When you brew that all together with a great story and interesting characters it can be an irresistible fantasy reading experience.

I believe fear and danger can have aphrodisiac effects. When you fear losing it all, including possibly your life, it’s much easier to lower your defenses and inhibitions. How many times have you read true stories of couples coming together during times of great danger, such as during wars and natural disasters? Psychological theories, Maslow’s in particular, link basic body functions such as the need for air, food, water, and sex among the most basic for humans. So it stands to reason that people will seek to have all those needs met when threatened. I do have a problem with love scenes in the middle of a chase or battle, but once it’s over or they’re in hiding…

CTR: What is your favorite paranormal theme or creature and why?

GB: Witches for sure, though ghosts and fairies are a tie for second. I know a lot of witches and Wiccans, am fascinated by their practice, and admire their respect and reverence for the nature, the earth, natural forces and elements.

Ghosts and fairies are so ethereal, they conjure a sense of fear and wonder, of eternity. I love having them as guests in my stories.

CTR: Do you have a funny or hair-raising tale to share about ghost stories at sleepovers when you were a kid, scaring the new kid at camp etc? Were you usually the scarer or the scare-ee?

GB: I’m not afraid of ghosts, and never was. I always felt there was a line between fantasy and reality, and still do. I was always the one comforting tent mates who were scared (and spraying monster proof around my kids’ rooms at bedtime).

What scares me is real violence, and I dislike horror for that reason.

CTR: Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? If so what do you like best about it? Do you usually dress up for work or to hand out treats or host a party? What’s your costume this year?

GB: enjoy Halloween because it’s so special and magical for the children. I love to dress up and give out treats when they come to my door, and we have an annual Halloween party at school where the kids can get dressed up, dance with their friends, eat lots of yummy treats and celebrate the fall season. I sometimes wear kitty ears to work, or funky earrings with bats or cats, but it depends if there are going to be kids where I’m going. I work with families in crisis so it’s not always appropriate.

I am always in black, usually a witch, but this year might be a cat in a black leotard with ears and a tail.

CTR: What else would you like to tell perspective readers about this book or others you have available?

GB: Hot Chocolate Kiss is available as a PDF download at www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781770650268 as well as Amazon and Fictionwise and other mobile formats. It’s short, only 10,000 works and a quick, sexy read that guys love too since it deals with outdoor as well as indoor sports.

The Journey will be released on December 7, 2010. I’ll be chatting live on the Eternal Press site www.eternalpress.biz, that evening. I’d love interested readers to sign on to follow me on at http://twitter.com/Gianna_Bruno which is the easiest way to get updates about the time of the release party and my upcoming book tours.

CTR: Where can we find more about you and your books?

GB: I have my own Yahoo group at gianna_bruno@yahoogroups.com , and check in at the Eternal Press Reader’s Group EternalPressReaders@yahoogroups.com everyday if anyone wants to ask a question.

My blog features regular updates on my book tour dates, contests, excerpts and links to interviews I’ve done or scheduled for. http://giannabruno.blogspot.com

Or you can email me through my website at http://giannabruno.com

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