Terri Giuliano Long grew up in the company of stories both of her own making and as written by others. Books offer her a zest for life’s highs and comfort in its low. Her life outside of books is devoted to her family. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, traveling to far-flung places, and meeting interesting people. True to her Italian-American heritage, she’s an enthusiastic cook and she loves fine wine and good food. In an alternate reality, she could have been very happy as an international food writer. To read a more detailed bio check out her website bio page.

Where do I start? What an emotional read Ms. Giuliano Long has written both from the parent’s perspective as well as a teenager. I could so totally relate on both ends being both a parent who raised a teenager and once being a teenager who thought I knew more than my own parents. Leah’s Wake takes you on that roller coaster of life that many of us take and think that we are alone in many situations, but soon find ourselves much stronger after going through the trials we go through both as a teenager growing and a parent who’s learning. Kudo’s to Ms. Giuliano Long on a job well done writing a book worthy of your shelf space.

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