To celebrate the release of a new book, the good people at Coffee Time Romance offered me this blog for the entire day! I am super excited. A quick introduction: I am Caroline Warfield, writer of historical romance, teller of tales, and watcher of birds—not necessarily in that order. My secret identity is GMa (my grand buddy just rolled his eyes as only an eleven year old can).

I’ve been many things in my life—from software development manager to waitress to a nun,—but you can read about that elsewhere. I live in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania, up to my elbows in art, history, and churches.

What probably interests you more are books. I began writing to the Regency era but quickly wandered. Each of my stories stands on its own, but most of them are interrelated. They range in setting from Wiltshire to Canton, China; from London to Rome. They range in time period from 1815 to 1840 so far. As my series continue they will come forward in time. I’m currently writing a holiday story set in 1916 in France, and even that hero is the descendent of folks in my earlier books. The newly released one THE RELUCTANT WIFE is set in India and England and features a hero whose brother and sister have both had their own happily-ever-after in previous books.

How about you? Where do you live? What do you like to read? I’ll give a copy of THE RENEGADE WIFE: Book One of the newest series, to one person who comments today on any of my posts today.

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The Book: The Reluctant Wife

When Captain Fred Wheatly, a soldier with more honor than sense, is forced to resign from the Bengal army, and his mistress dies leaving him with two half-caste daughters to raise, he reluctantly turns to Clare Armbruster for help. But the interfering widow has her own problems, and a past she would rather forget. With no more military career and two half-caste daughters to support, Fred must return to England and turn once more—as a failure—to the family he let down so often in the past. Can two hearts rise above the past to forge a future together.

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 The Series: Children of Empire

Three cousins, torn apart by lies and deceit and driven to the far reaches of the empire, struggle to find their way home. The heroes and heroines of Caroline’s Dangerous Series overcame challenges even after their happy ending. Their children seek their own happiness in distant lands in Children of Empire.



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