The holidays are upon us, and thoughts turn to family and the important things in life. Romance novels, no matter what the heat level, are always about finding and keeping that one true love. But in some cases, there is more than one person that warms your heart, and that you cherish above all others. In my new novella, A Spirit of Love, Sophie is hurt and angry over what she sees as a betrayal by her ex, Martin. She caught him with their best friend and ghost hunting partner, Emilio, the year before, and she has sworn to never forgive either of them. When Martin begs for her help on a particularly aggressive haunting, she has to decide whether to allow them back into her life for the sake of the couple being terrorized by a ghost. Her feelings are all tangled up regarding the two men, and she also has a new problem: a very kinky ghost. What can she learn from this lovelorn spirit, and will her happily-ever-after be with one, or two soul mates?

I’ve included an excerpt from A Spirit of Love, and for those who leave a comment, I’ll enter you into a drawing for an e-copy of the book. Please leave your email info so that I can contact you if you win. Contest runs for one week from today. Good luck!


     She reached the top and felt pulled to the right. There was a long hallway with a closed door at the end of it. She knew immediately that this was where she was being led. Her heart beat faster. Fully connected to whatever it was that was there, Sophie had a brief thought that it couldn’t possibly be the spirit they were investigating. For the closer she got to the door, the faster her heart beat—not in fear, but like the anticipation of meeting a long-lost lover. She couldn’t wait to grab the door handle and push her way through, feeling as though her soulmate were on the other side.

     She opened the door into complete darkness. All of the shades were tightly drawn. It seemed as though the new owners hadn’t got to this room yet. It had a dank musty smell as if it had been shut away for years. With just a little of the natural daylight from the hallway seeping into the room, Sophie slipped inside and stood still. She listened to the thrum of her heart thumping in her ears and waited to see if the spirit would try to come through her.

     “Oh,” she gasped. The entity had completely caught her off guard—absolutely nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

     She was getting turned on. The energy coming through her was warm and sexual. Her nipples hardened immediately, and she was mortified to realise that her panties were getting moist from her desire. Her first instinct was to shut herself off and run. But she let it go since there didn’t seem to be any sense of threat or danger.

     She allowed the spirit to continue to connect with her. There was a name, but she couldn’t get it. The entity seemed to have one and one thing only on its mind. It had obviously been a long time since whoever this was had got laid. She was able to discern that it was male, and very…kinky. She could feel rough natural ropes around her wrists and ankles, and the sensation that she was splayed wide open and naked.

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