It usually gets quiet about this time. Working ladies are coming home and many have to see to dinner, get the kids to do their homework etc so it will probably be quiet for awhile. About 4:00 I need to go take some dogs walking. Three leashes, twelve paws and three inquisitive noses make for a challenge. I used to walk my old girl and the little guy–a slow and gentle one and the two frisky Blue Heelers on a harder and faster one. WIth Belle gone, little Rojo has to go with the big dogs. He loves it but three dogs are definitely more trouble than two! He is learning but then the leash gets under a Heeler's tail amd it is almost as much fun as when I was ponying yearlings and a lead would get under my mount's tail years ago. Oh yipee!!  Rodeo time! I guess it is no wonder I have hp, knee and back problems now.

So I will get out of here for a bit but be back before closing time. Maybe we will have another winner or two by then. The cleaning is sorta done–quick and dirty variety LOL and the outdoors is calling me real loud! I am very much of an outdoor gal. and these gorgeous fall days just demand some time in the sun! BB in an hour or so!

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