Afternoon Lull?

It usually gets quiet about this time. Working ladies are coming home and many have to see to dinner, get the kids to do their homework etc so it will probably be quiet for awhile. About 4:00 I need to go take some dogs walking. Three leashes, twelve paws and three inquisitive noses make for a challenge. I used to walk my old girl and the little guy–a slow and gentle one and the two frisky Blue Heelers on a harder and faster one. WIth Belle gone, little Rojo has to go with the big dogs. He loves it but three dogs are definitely more trouble than two! He is learning but then the leash gets under a Heeler's tail amd it is almost as much fun as when I was ponying yearlings and a lead would get under my mount's tail years ago. Oh yipee!!  Rodeo time! I guess it is no wonder I have hp, knee and back problems now.

So I will get out of here for a bit but be back before closing time. Maybe we will have another winner or two by then. The cleaning is sorta done–quick and dirty variety LOL and the outdoors is calling me real loud! I am very much of an outdoor gal. and these gorgeous fall days just demand some time in the sun! BB in an hour or so!


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7 Responses to “Afternoon Lull?”

  1. Jane Wakely says:

    LOL! Have fun AzGaye! I have a mini Dachshund and she's a challenge to walk by herself some days!
    Speaking of, she just got out of the bath and is running all around! LOL

  2. Colleen says:

    I have not even tried to clean today… went out to the stores to look at the Halloween clearance.

  3. linda-lyn says:

    That sounds like quite an excursion, Gaye. Are the Blue Heelers yours, too? I thought you just had little Rojo at this point. Guess I need to read your blogs more carefully. So many blogs, so little time.

  4. AzGaye says:

    The Heelers belong to my brother but the dogs are all kind of household pets. Belle was esepcially mine and Rojo is adopting me. BTW Belle visited us today. I was fixing lunch–she was *very* food centered– and all at once Rojo gave al ittle growl and he was staring into the empty  seeming  kitchen. All at once I knew and then he began to wag his tail a little. At first he did not recognize her energy but after a minute he did. She made sure I was on schedule and then disappeared.

  5. linda-lyn says:

    Oh, what a neat experience. I know Belle was very special to you. Rojo sounds very perceptive.
    My friend Janet who passed recently had a Blue Heeler. I'm sure he is lost without her. He was her baby.

  6. AzGaye says:

    Oh that is so sad about Janet’s dog. I know how animals can grieve. When my DH passed, my dog oddly went the same day but I kept his dog for three more years and she grieved the whole time as her canine friend and her beloved master both just vanished on her. For about a week she went thru the house searching for them every time we went somewhere and came back and it just broke my heart all the more. I got another dog in a few weeks but she never really took to him too well. The two Heelers here were used to the idea of a visitor from the other side as my brother’s old dog would stop by in Colorado every now and then to see her former home so they just kind of glanced and went on about their business. I do not think Rojo had seen a ghost or spirit that way before but he really liked Belle a lot..

  7. linda-lyn says:

    Her son lived with her, so Chewy won't be entirely alone, but these last few year he was used to having Janet at home most of the day and he was so attached to her. Dogs establish deep emotional ties to humans and other animals. They are very emotional crittes, more than humans are, I think.

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