I’m a published author who specializes in romance, humor, and erotica. I live in one of those cold states with my husband, Chris, two young daughters, Cleo and Veruca, and two old pugs. I enjoy reading, writing (obviously), martial arts, video games, and SCIENCE—it’s poetry in motion!

My goal—besides becoming rich and famous, and staying young forever so I can enjoy it all (come on, science, don’t let me down)—is to establish a new, higher standard for romance and erotica. I find most of the genre to be poorly written and terminally boring, though maybe that’s just me. But I like romance in general, so I took Toni Morrison’s advice and wrote the books I want to read. Hopefully you’ll want to read them, too!

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True love—a force so powerful it’s altered the course of history, brought nations to their knees… and launched a dozen reality TV shows. What better place to find one’s soul mate in the 21st century than on national television?

Genevieve (Geni) Costa is a jaded, cash-strapped journalist and widowed mother still reeling over the death of her husband three years ago. Through a stroke of strange luck, she scores a spot on a reality television show called The Spice of Love, where multiple women date one man in the hopes that he’ll fall in love with them and propose in the season finale. Geni, however, has a different objective—to expose the dark secret of this season’s rich bachelor, Duke Forrestal, and secure herself a desperately-needed promotion and raise. Besides, finding true love on a reality TV show is impossible…

Or so she thinks.

Meanwhile, Blaise Moreau is at his wits end with his job as executive producer of The Spice of Love. Embroiled in a messy divorce and unable to see his beloved son, he can barely muster enough energy to promote the “true love” and “soul mate” baloney that he used to believe were real. He’d quit if he didn’t need the paycheck to fund his divorce lawyer so he can see his son again. Blaise is desperate for an easy, boring season…

Too bad he let Geni Costa on the show.

Blaise scrambles to pick up the pieces and salvage the show as Geni blows up one date after another. For Geni, what began as a financial opportunity turns into something more when against all reason she finds herself falling in love—but with Duke, or the head producer?

A sexy, razor-sharp critique of Hollywood, SPICE OF LOVE is a contemporary romantic comedy. It’s the frequently touching and always hilarious tale of finding love in the most unlikely of places: a reality dating show.

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How far would you go for the truth? For Valentine Shepherd, the answer is: all the way.

Valentine (Val) has a strange ability: she can see the future during sex. She uses her ability to track down criminals and solve crimes as a private investigator in Seattle. After one of her visions of the future inadvertently leads to her fiancé’s death, she vows to bring his murderers to justice.

On the hunt for her fiancé’s killers, Val crosses paths with Maxwell (Max) Carressa, a dark, mysterious millionaire suspected of killing his father. Max has secrets of his own—secrets that Val won’t let him keep buried. Despite the danger they pose to one another—Max’s volatile temper beneath a layer of cool, Val’s relentless digging into Max’s past—the P. I. and the millionaire reluctantly join forces to uncover a vast conspiracy that quickly swallows both their lives… and their hearts.

Max and Val find themselves on the run and outmaneuvered at every turn by mysterious forces that also have uncanny knowledge of future events… but Val always thought she was the only one with the strange ability to see the future. Could there be others? And why does she find herself powerfully drawn to Max, even though he could be a murderer for all she knows about him? Is their intense attraction natural—or are they merely pawns in a world-wide conflict to control the future?

RED RAVEN is not your average romantic thriller—it’s a fast-paced, erotic suspense with a paranormal twist that will have you hooked from the very beginning. With a strong heroine, intricate characters, exciting love scenes, and a dark, labyrinthine plot, RED RAVEN will keep you guessing until the end.

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I hang out in a corner of my house and write while my kids and dogs harass me; also Panera Bread, and Winan’s Coffee Shop, when I can get out of the house (not often)


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