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Writing is just one of my many passions.  I spent nearly two years on a sailboat, navigating the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and never stray too far from big water.  Exploring the vast state of Alaska, belly dancing, hiking with hubby and eating fresh seafood are high on my list of life’s favorite things to do!


Amanda’s Glory

Book 3 of the FORESTAL Series

Amanda Saurgin has been given command of her first warship – the U.S. GLORY.  This latest addition to United Sentients’ fleet is a space dreadnought of immense firepower and all the technical problems surrounding any brand new design.

Claiming first place on the list of unresolved issues is Michael Jensen.  Amanda’s old nemesis is back.  He has been reassigned as her Chief Engineer and the sparks are flying.  The two have always been at each other’s throats, but there is a strange, new undercurrent spreading through their stormy acquaintance.  

Over time, Amanda has discovered that when he is near, not only can she feel the emotions of others, but her calmness in the face of adversity flies off the charts.  Michael has found himself in a similar predicament, seeing radical new ideas and bold solutions to old problems, bloom before his eyes. 

Glory has been tasked to patrol a group of planets bordering the outer edge of the galaxy against an invasion heading their way.  When an alien scout ship is captured by a United Sentients special operative, Amanda is ordered to detain the prisoner.  But her newfound paranormal talents aren’t the blessing she’d hoped for.  The same ability that permits her to feel the emotions of others, allows the creature to ensnare her mind, throwing her into a close-combat fight for life. 

War looms ever closer…

Facing a powerful enemy bearing down on them from the Shapley Supercluster, every Forestal in United Sentients’ corps has been mobilized.  The strongest are converging upon Glory to stage a galactic front-line battle for survival.

And in the midst of this chaos, two lovers will dare to risk it all…

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When the NSA picks up intelligence that the world’s premiere genetic researchers have been flocking to a small island in southeast Asia, they send their most productive field agent undercover to find answers. It doesn’t take Isabelle Archer long to sniff out trouble.

The Sultan of the small, oil-rich country of Muldahar has been squandering his billions for decades. But oil reserves are dwindling and the desperate Sultan has a new plan to keep his coffers filled.

For Isabelle, getting evidence of this experimental project gone horribly wrong will take a miracle—specifically, a burly blond stunner with a rumbling voice of pure sin. Captain Quinton Herriman, on temporary VIP protection detail with Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment, has been assigned to protect the Sultan’s ten-year-old nephew.

Despite her better judgment, Isabelle’s attraction to him is irresistible. She can’t keep her hands off the sexy bodyguard. But to get his help when her mission gets deadly, she’ll have to trust more than just her body to his safekeeping.

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Samantha, the Person…


I grew up as the only girl in our family.  Dad taught us that we could become anything we wished – then backed us with his total support.  As a result, I have plenty of insight (sometimes a scary thing) into male behavior.  I’ve also enjoyed a very rewarding career that has taken me to some amazing places.  My writing is spiced with these experiences, combined with an undying love of science fiction.  Does the new Battlestar Galactica rock, or what?

Currently, my husband and I are exploring some of the more remote regions of Alaska.  We’ve spent time working in Barrow, Dutch Harbor, and recently moved to beautiful Prince of Wales Island in the southeast part of the state.  Wherever we roam, I always take the time to jot down a few local tales.  Writing makes me whole


Guarding the Coast Cursed, with Love


Moriarty’s rule #1 – Never shag your coworkers
    Moriarty’s rule #2 – No pretty boys

Captain Frankie Moriarty is an ace rescue pilot ? a hundred pounds of redheaded dynamite answering mayday calls along the northern Pacific coast with her elite Coast Guard helicopter crew.  As the commanding officer, she has a reputation to uphold and it?s one that doesn?t include getting involved with her coworkers.

Gage Adams is not your typical pretty boy.  The team?s co-pilot and former pararescueman has seen battle and lived to lose sleep over it.  For four years he has worked alongside Frankie, treating her with respect, viewing her as a sister…

Tonight, everything between them will change forever…

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Cherished Invader Cursed, with Love


Sent to stop a war…

She is an elite agent for an interplanetary trading conglomerate, part of a dwindling corps of beings possessing invaluable psychic abilities.  She lives in shrouded secrecy, shuttled from one star system to the next in order to safeguard the interests of the organization.  She has never known any other way of life.

Until now

He is one of his planet’s toughest soldiers.  Preternaturally suspicious, possessing his own powerful talents, he has inadvertently witnessed something never meant to be seen.  Now, in the midst of the world-class combat destroying his planet, a new quest has begun – a battle for trust having consequences greater than either of them can imagine.

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Alliance of Passion Cursed, with Love


For as long as she can remember, Katice tael Ferdue has been fighting the demons of her childhood.  Now, as a field operative for an interplanetary trading conglomerate, she is returning home after two decades to win a prestigious swimming tournament and face down those who once abused her.

She will never make it

Jaron Therulian, warrior from the planet Annaka has been sent by his ruling Council to kidnap her.  The Council plans on using her as leverage in case her employer decides to take by force what it can no longer negotiate for.

From the onset of his mission, Jaron realizes his relationship with Katice will become much more than captive/captor.  She is nel’shu’eternal bond.  His lifemate.  Jaron understands that the powerful psychic abilities they both possess will be further enhanced by their merging.

And there are no lengths he won’t go to claim her

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