I’ve always loved to write, yet it wasn’t until I was fifteen when I knew I wanted to one day make a career of it. After many years of ‘attempting’ to write, it was only a year ago I gave up merely trying and completed my first novel. Taking the chance of a lifetime, I submitted it to Samhain Publishing. Much to my surprise, I received a contract just after the New Year. What a way to begin 2006! Though a New Yorker born and raised, I hope to one day give up the hectic life here and retreat to a quiet town with my extremely supportive husband and adorable little girl. I love to hear from readers! You can reach me at rene@renelyons.net

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Midnight Sun

eBook Release – Available NOW!

Paperback Release – October 17

When things go bump in the night, Allison Parker bumps back. As the resident Ghost Hunter in a quiet, rural town, she’s thrust into the nocturnal world of the Templars. Embracing the night, she finds a place where she belongs.

Damned by God, Sebastian of Rydon, knows only blood and death. After eight hundred years of merely existing, he learns what is to live after Allie comes bursting into his life. Her spirit guides him out of the dark.

Caught up in a web of hate and revenge, they search for love as their world is torn apart.




Look for More in the future…

The Daystar: A Templar Vampire Novel

October 31st 2007

Samhain Publishing



Rene Lyons

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