Let’s give a great big Coffeetime welcome to Norah Bennett; she has graciously stopped by to give us a peek in her world.

Let’s start by taking a peek at your latest release and another peek at your upcoming release.

Everything I’ve Dreamed Of

Kate Willowbrook dreams of a life filled with beauty –– a man who loves her, friends, and a home. At eighteen, Kate’s dreams are replaced by nightmares when she witnesses a crime. Kate runs, never settling down or trusting anyone. Ten years later Kate discovers the small town of Lakes Crossing and Noah Reed. 

When Noah’s wife is killed in an accident, he buries himself in work and family obligations, believing he will never find love again until he meets Kate. The more he learns about her, the more he is drawn to her and his protective instincts kick into overdrive. 

Noah is everything Kate has ever dreamed of, but his take-charge attitude is scaring up old demons she fought hard to bury. If they can’t find a way to strike a balance that satisfies both their deepest needs, they could lose their second chance at love.  

I was also recently signed by The Wild Rose Press to publish my book Six Months. We don’t have a release date yet

For twenty years Mikala Jacobson has it all, a life filled with beauty––loyal friends, a precious little girl, and a man who adores her. But when five-year-old Molly is killed in a car accident, Mikala’s world is rocked. Good friends, Rena and Jake are instantly by her side trying to keep her from unraveling, protecting her from David’s secret life of gambling, drinking, and women as well as his drunken confession to Jake.

Mikala never believed in the adage, time heals all wounds, but she may have been wrong. While tragedy has marked her forever, with Jake and Rena by her side, she finds the strength to rebuild and redefine her life. Her spirit and heart slowly heal and she discovers the beauty of a new love built on years of friendship.

Now How about some writing questions .   If you weren’t a writer you’d be…?  


Cool taking care of our furbabies is a great choice! What comes first in your writing? The location, the characters, or the plot?

always character

Cause with them we’d have no stories! What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?

Escaping into another world

That’s my reason for reading..books the greatest escape. Fire off five words to describe your books.

Emotional, passionate , all-consuming, unforgettable

Nice choice of words.  So tell is where do you waste time online when you
’re not writing?   


Lol, seems everyone is on Amazon anymore for all kinds of reasons. If you had to pick, what is the most memorable response you’ve had from a reader?

A reader once told me he and his wife read my book and it saved   their marriage

No pressure there Lol, that’s awesome. OK time for your silly side and a few odd questions. Is there a certain food or dessert that you get a craving for?   


Love Cheetos! Yum ..What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could play the piano

I would love to play piano as well I have no musical ability tho..so  ff you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?  

I would pay donate 50% and pay off debt, maybe get a home near the ocean and write, visit with family and enjoy life.

Cool way to celebrate! Tell us something surprising about you.  

I am a terrible speller

Thank goodness for spellcheck! What are your pet peeves?   

People who whine   and say they can’t do it or have no choice

Impressive choices.  Is there a place you have never been to that you always longed to go?


I’ve heard India is a beautiful place to visit. Give us one thing on your bucket list.  

I would love to travel to India

So traveling to India is a bucket list choice way cool! Last few questions What makes you smile?

The sound of my children and husband’s voice

Yes they are definitely reasons to smile!! Besides your website where can readers find you? Do you have a newsletter?

Social Media Links
Website:   http://www.norahbennett.com
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/TheRealNorahB?lang=en
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/norahbennettbooks/
Amazon   http://www.amazon.com/Norah-Bennett/e/B01IFN2V46

You go girl! You are all over the web! Do you have any final words?  

I’ve been blessed.

Yes you are! Thank you again for taking the time to tell us a bit more you that the readers can enjoy.

Reviewer & Interviewer
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