Welcome readers, today we have another great author stopping by to tell us more about her. Please welcome Cynthia Ripley Miller to our great space on the web!

Lets start off with some questions about your writing.  What comes first in your writing? The location, the characters, or the plot?

The plot: characters without a good story have nowhere to go.

That is good logic! If you weren’t historical fiction, what would you be writing?

Most likely mystery with a touch of the supernatural—Stay tuned.

Oohh you have my interest peaked! What’s the strangest inspiration you ever got for a story idea?

After watching a documentary about a famous ancient Roman character that was killed in battle but his body was never found, I wrote a story from the point of view that he lived and escaped.

Great idea! think I now have a few more books to add to my never ending reading list!  How did you get started on your first book?

I was teaching high school and for years I had a book brewing in my head. Also at this time, I was reading Anne Rice and Diana Gabaldon.  I loved the combination of their well-researched history surrounding an exciting plot and a strong element of romance and passion.  I felt inspired to write my own story set in a turbulent time in history, which would provide plenty of drama.  One night, I just sat down and began to write.  I had no outline, just a time period, two main characters and a sense where I was headed; just like a true adventure.

Your readers are so glad you made that choice to belt out that adventure; and i am sure you have many more floating around in your thoughts. When doing research for your writing. What is an interesting fact that has stuck in your mind?

My stories are set in late ancient Rome. The most interesting fact I first learned while doing research was that the Roman army and riders in ancient Europe did not use stirrups.  They came into use in the Middle Ages.

What a cool piece of trivia; I truly never even thought about stirrups being important, yet I suppose those who know much about horses would tell us they are!

While checking out your website I see you have a new release can you Tell us five words to describe your book On The Edge of Sunrise.

Fast-paced, romantic, historical, imaginative, spicy

I LOVE the cover.  Ahh.Soooo sexy and swoon worthy! Besides your website where can readers find you? Do you have a newsletter?

Readers can find me at my author website and blog: www.cynthiaripleymiller.com and my historical blog: Historical Happenings and Oddities

Definitely a place worth checking out to learn more about On the Edge of Sunrise as well as your other books! Turning a bit in our questions; Were you an avid reader before you began to write?
Definitely! I earned a degree in English literature because I loved reading so much.

Great accomplishment! What books/authors were your faves as a child and what characters stand out in your memory from them today?

When I was in junior high school I started reading historical fiction.  Katherine by Anya Seton is one of the first books I remember that caught my imagination with its history and its forbidden love story. In high school, I decided to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and fell in love with the character of Natasha. She was a smart, kind, and passionate character with all the qualities of a true heroine. As a working mom, with little time to spare, I especially enjoyed The Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean Auel.  Her character Ayla faces prejudice and extreme obstacles (she becomes a huntress in a time when women don’t hunt) but she also grows into a woman of strength, spirit, and determination; she is strong and noble.

All excellent choices. Let’s finish up our questions with some that are a bit personal and silly. Tell us something surprising about you. 

In high school, I was pen pals with Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, Katie.  Later, while working and traveling through Europe and Asia Minor, I ran across the Parthenon with a policeman on my heels.  I made it safely through without getting caught. A sudden impulse grabbed me and made me do it.

Um wow! Talk about excitement. lol  List some favorites for us: foods, movie, music. Etc

I’m Italian, so definitely ravioli and pistachio ice cream.  I love movies just as much as I like books! Two of my favorite movies for fun and adventure—The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel, and the Underworld series with Kate Beckinsale. Serious drama movies that I like—Life of Pi with Suraj Sharma and Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun with Christian Bale.  I enjoy a wide range of music from classic rock to classical. I’m a Tom Petty fan, but I also like Bruno Mars.

Yum great food choices!  If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

I would pay off some college loans and buy a small ‘retreat’ home where I could write and relax. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Oh yes it does, I would love to combine the deep woods with the ocean myself. lol. Is there a place you have never been to that you always longed to go?

New Zealand. The terrain fascinates me. It seems so pristine and beautiful.

Beautiful is just one word, I would say breathtaking as well. Alright last question what makes you smile?

Having fun with my children.

Children are always fun to be around; especially when they are sleeping. Lol at least that is the case with my overactive 4 year old. lol just kidding. I would like to say thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions for us. I enjoyed getting to know more about you and your writing. I encourage readers to do so as well. As always I wish you much luck and many sales.

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