Today I am excited to welcome Cathy Skendrovich! If you love pirate romance, then she is the go-to author! Published by Entangled Publishing and Literary Wanderlust, Cathy has been busy with her newest series, The Pirate’s Bride that released this January. The sequel, The Pirate’s Bride: A Holiday Masquerade is releasing this Oct 1, 2017! Don’t forget to mark your calendars! And now, let’s hear from the author herself!

Welcome Cathy! How are you? What’s keeping you busy?

I’m glad to be here. I’m doing great. I’m keeping busy by editing an early book of mine that a publisher has shown an interest in. it’s a western, as well as doing last-minute edits for my next two books, due out later this year.

How long have you been writing, Cathy? You have a couple of books already published and more under your belt, correct?

I’ve been writing for myself for five years; I’ve been published for a year-and-a-half. Prisoner of Love was my first book. It’s a contemporary romantic suspense from Entangled Publishing. My second book is an historical romance entitled The Pirate’s Bride, available from Literary Wanderlust. It came out this past January. Its sequel, The Pirate’s Bride: A Holiday Masquerade, comes out October 1, 2017. My fourth book, which I recently finished, is another contemporary romantic suspense from Entangled Publishing, entitled Protecting the Nanny. I don’t have a date for it, yet.

Of course, I am assuming you enjoy writing. Haha. Which of these books you enjoyed writing the most and why?

 Oh, dear, I can’t choose! I loved writing The Pirate’s Bride, because I love pirates. I wanted to try and write a story that had a female pirate, since there are not that many books with pirate heroines. I enjoyed the research, too. I learned so much about that time period, about men, women, and their roles in society. And it was just plain fun to create the make-believe world of pirates, and ships, and evil warlords.

Publishing is a tough business and I see your books have been accepted by some reputed publishing companies. How easy or difficult was it for you to adapt to this new way of thinking and might I add, your new job?

It’s been a challenge adjusting to writing for publishers, learning their various rules of editing. Each publisher is looking for specific plots and styles, and, as an author, you have to adapt your writing to those particulars. I have wanted to be an author since I was twelve, so, to be living my dream is phenomenal. Some days I still can’t believe I’m a published author.

As for the job, the hardest part is self-promotion. There are millions and millions of books out there; drawing readers to yours is a full-time job.

Can you tell us about your latest novel?

The Pirate’s Bride is a rollercoaster ride through New Orleans, the Caribbean, and the Orient. Sophie Bellard wants nothing more than to be a pirate like her father before her. Marriage to a handsome, dangerous buccaneer helps her achieve that goal. But when her husband finds out the devastating secret she has kept hidden, it sets off a chain of events that ends up endangering everyone and everything she holds dear, as well as jeopardizing their newly discovered love. It’s a fantastic, fast-paced read with twists and turns, as well as sexy romance.

What’s the response you have received for the book so far?

Great! Four and Five start ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. The reviews have been so encouraging.

Cathy, how do you manage to write both historical and contemporary romance suspense? Both are unique in their offerings to the readers! How do you reach out to such different audience?

It has been quite a balancing act, but I’ve always liked to read both genres, so it made sense to me to write them both. It helps to have two publishers: one for my contemporaries, and the other for historical. Plus, I like a challenge. I think sometimes a writer can get in a rut if she keeps churning out similar books. Hopefully, my choice makes my writing always fresh and inventive.

Lastly, what’s coming next?

As I mentioned earlier, my next book is a novella, a Christmas sequel to The Pirate’s Bride, entitled The Pirate’s Bride: Holiday Masquerade. It comes out October 1, 2017, and I’m so excited, because it ties up a few loose ends from the first book. After that, I have another contemporary romantic suspense, entitled Protecting the Nanny. I don’t know its release date yet. It’s in the hands of my editor.

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