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Liberated Ladies #2

When Sam Jackson returns to settle his uncle’s estate, he is confronted by a red head named Lisa O’Neill. She’s not his type. She’s not a pencil thin city girl floating in a perfume haze. She’s funny, smart and…somehow familiar. She may not be his kind of woman, yet he can’t shake the feeling that she’s meant to be in his life. But he knows that regardless of how attractive she is, he can’t let Lisa interfere in his plan to sell his uncle’s farm. Sam needs the proceeds from the sale to settle his uncle’s debts. Yet, when faced with Lisa’s challenging attitude he finds himself seeking out ways to spend time with her, wanting her approval, a woman who challenges him to be a better person.

Lisa O’Neill has had a secret crush on Sam Jackson ever since they were in high school. He was the popular, gorgeous guy in her class that everyone wanted to date. She was the shy, retiring girl that didn’t have a boyfriend.

But all that changes when Sam shows up back in Middlesborough years later, determined to sell Harmony Farm to the highest bidder, a place she has loved all her life, a place she believes Sam’s uncle had willed to the local nature trust. She knows that the Sam Jacksons of this world only take what they want and leave the rest, and she is determined to stop him from taking the farm. In her quest to do that, she finds a very special group of allies, his uncle’s four dogs: Chocolate, Peanuts, Scotch and Soda.
But in her haste to stop him, she finds herself once again madly in love with him.

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