Must Love Dogs ... Go on a Mission with 2 Military K-9s

Win a special duo of Publishers Weekly bestseller Elizabeth Heiter’s K-9 Defense & New York Times bestseller Elle James’s Six Minutes to Midnight in the military K-9 romantic suspense special, Valiant Tracker!
A mission they never prepared for…

Six Minutes to Midnight by Elle James
Carson Gage has a crime to solve—the murder of his brother. He’s convinced Serena Colton, his archenemy, is hiding his prime suspect on her ranch. But the beauty and her baby stir unwelcome yearnings in his calloused heart. When Serena and her child become targets of a mysterious assailant, Carson’s protective urges take over. Can an irresistible attraction prove stronger than old family hatreds and help them capture a criminal?

K-9 Defense by Elizabeth Heiter
In the wilds of Alaska, grieving former marine Colter Hayes shuts out the world…until he and his combat tracker dog become Kensie Morgan’s last hope of finding her long-missing sister. The improbable mission starts to rekindle Colter’s desire to rejoin the world—while saving Kensie from a killer unsettles his heart. Can they find all they are searching for before it’s too late?

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