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The following Free Reads are provided by the authors who wrote them and granted Coffee Time Romance their permission to share these with our visitors.  We would like to thank these wonderful authors for providing these entertaining reads. Please check out the past free reads, listed below!

If you are a published author and would like to share your short story with our readers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Furious by T.R. Ragan - Sneak Peek






A Balefire Chronicles Excerpt: Ever Closer by K.G. McAbee & Cynthia D. Witherspoon (Rated Adult)

A Caribbean Spell by Maureen Betita
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A Hell Hounds Fire by Siobhan Muir

Alice by Isabelle Roser (Rated Adult)

Ardent Change by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall (PG)

Author J.J. Massa is creating her free read Sovereign of the Dragon here at Coffee Time Romance & More Each month, she will be adding another chapter for your reading entertainment:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Azure Apparition: Book 1 The Azure Blackstone Series by Mickie Sherwood
Berillas Wish by Sierra DaFoe (Rated Adult)
Bleep by Alessia Brio (Rated Adult)
Boardroom Love by Valerie Mann (Rated R)
Can't Fight this Feeling by JM Stewart
Cold Snap by Inda Lauryn (PG Rating)
Collide by Mila Ramos (Rated Adult)
Counterfeit Whore by Eve Locke (Rated Adult)

Dancing by Kallysten (Rated Adult)

Dark Angel by Denyse Bridger
Denouement by Linda Nightingale (Rated PG)
Dublin Dreaming by Sela Carson (PG Rating)
Extramartial by Dee Dawning (Rated Adult)
Fantasy Neighbor by Kissa Starling (Rated Adult)
Fated Destiny by Miss Mae
Follow Me Home by Jenna Bayley Burke (PG Rating)
Freedom by JM Stewart
Friday Night Delights by Selena Blake (Rated Adult)
Gift of Flesh by Diana Laurence (Rated Adult)
Grim Justice 2.37 DeServed by Fiona Jayde
Heat by Mila Ramos (Rated Adult)
In Sophia's Eyes by A H Scott (Rated Adult) you can also get a copy of this for your eReader here
Just Desserts by Amber Scott
Lab Rats by Buffi BeCraft (Rated PG)
Lady of Maragorn by JC Wilder (Rated Adult)
Last Night in Vegas by J. C. Wilder (Rated Adult)

Marketing For Romance Writers authors. November 2008 (Rated Adult)

Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3 - Volume 4

Mining Town Sketches By Gwynn Morgan
Moonwalker by Shawn Aleksander
Of Bikes and Valleys by J. H. Bográn (Rated PG)
Pantheism 101 by Alessia Brio (Rated Adult)

Pictures of Redemption: Flynn's Crossing Romantic Suspense Series Book 1 Kindle Edition by Yvonne Kochanowski

Play Fling by Amber Scott (Rated R)
Pleasurable Punishment by Kate Hill (R)
Points on a Curve by Diane Nelson
Prison Break by Jade Onyx
Puppy Love by Zinnia Hope (PG Rating)
Pursuing Grace (Shifter Chronicles Prequel) by Anita Cox here or here

Reception Interrupted by Rita Bay

(Check out the books to follow Search & Rescue and Ely's Ephiphany)

Riding Wildfire by Gwynn Morgan
Santas and Snowflakes by Rusty Fischer (PG) Free eBook alert!
Sex with a Warrior by Marteeka Karland (Rated R)
Starry Starry Night by Sammie Jo Moresca (Rated Adult)
Swept off her Feet by Amanda Brice (PG Rating)
Tail from the Goddess provided by Sapphire Blue Publishing, LLC (Rated Adult)
Texas Waltz by Nancy O'Berry (Rated PG)
That Kind of Love: A Legacy Novelette by J. Adams
The Agreement by Elayne S. Venton (Rated Adult)
The Calling by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
The Craft of The Wise: Wordsmith by Dee Carney (Rated Adult)

The Kraken's Mirror (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 1) by Maureen Betita
Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Nook

The Legacy by J. Adams
The Mark of the Guardian by Regina Paul (Rated Adult)
The Sound of a Train in the Distance by Sierra DaFoe (Rated Adult)
Til Death do us Part by Jennifer Mueller
Tingling by Mila Ramos (Rated Adult)
Triton by Chris Lange
Vampire Blood (Sample Chapters) by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Wanting by Piper Vaughn (Rated Adult)
Word of Mouth by Inda Luryn (Rated R)





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