ISBN: 9781988659435
April 2021
Marisa Chenery
66 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Briganita is hearing voices in her head; talking about a man who needs her, and now she is talking back to the voice. While she believes she is losing her mind, she is given a trip to Ireland as a gift, and the voice says it made happen and that she must release a man she has never met. Believing she is insane and nothing special, she begins the adventure being guided by a voice only she can hear.

Artur, a dragon shifter, has been asleep for more than 1500 years and awakens to a world he could only see but never get to. Meeting the one who woke him up stuns him as she is the strongest and most beautiful woman he has ever met.

Artur and Briganita must learn to work together, or they will be perish and there will be no one to save the mortal world from the Wild Hunt. When the truth is revealed, will they survive to live as mates, or will they lose it all in the end?

The story of Artur and Briganita is a thrilling ride which has a few bumps and revelations no one could anticipate. The characters are well formed and grab the reader’s attention in one way or another and the ending is not one anyone could see coming. I enjoyed the story and the combination of old world and new. Ms. Chenery provides a wonderful love story full of fantasy and magic.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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