BIN: 010816-03517
June 2023 (Previously release as Novellas through Changeling Press)
Changeling Press LLC
388 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal Romance, Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Mysti and Starr

Starr is on a journey to find his one. He had no idea when lightning struck, sending him down a hill, she would be waiting for him at the bottom. Now that he has found her, he is unsure how to address his mythical nature and the life he lives.

Mysti is unsure how to explain her nature to a stranger, let alone the man who is hers. When Starr saves her from a nightmare, she knows he is the one.

Starr has never revealed himself to another. He fears Mysti’s reaction when she sees his other for the first time. When she discovers who he is and the talent he holds, will she reject him? He knows they will need each other to withstand the danger that stalks them.

Spirits of Christmas

Christa Wild is looking for the gift she lost and her journey takes her to a home where murder occurred years ago. Little did she know destiny would provide her a man who challenges and frustrates her, but if she can help him, maybe he who could love her.

Joel Connor is a famous actor who carries the burden of a secret from his past. He returns to the house where his family died to purge himself of the memories by finally facing them. He is shocked to find someone in the house who is breathing and draws him in.

Christa wants her life back and Joel wants to let go of the past he never faced. Can these two find a path away from the past and towards each other? Will Joel’s fears destroy the future he never knew he wanted?

Trinity and Jeff

Jeff has spent the majority of his life desiring only one woman who is looking to fate to find her destiny. Now he is done and will fight to make her his before it is too late.

Trinity is tired of waiting for destiny and heads to her family cabin. She knows Jeff loves her as much as she loves him, but there is someone out there meant to be hers.

When destiny arrives, Trinity is highly disappointed, and when it decides to eliminate Jeff – destiny has to die. Will Jeff and Trinity find their happily ever after or will they forever wander alone?

Amelia and Orion

Amelia has known Orion for many years, but she is tired of fighting her feelings for him. She decides she is done waiting for Orion to see what is right in front of him and she returns home to find her future.

Orion is someone no one wants to love. He is used to being separate, even from the woman he loves. When Amelia gives up and leaves, he is sure losing her is his destiny because he knows he does not deserve a woman like Amelia.

Just when Orion finally admits his feelings for Amelia, he must make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save her and all of his friends. Can Amelia forgive Orion? Can Orion survive a trip into hell to save everyone he cares about?

I found each story interesting, and I loved that all the love stories took different paths and offered the reader a glimpse into different paranormal genres. I especially enjoyed the glimpses of ghosts from the past which were included throughout all the stories. I did find that Trinity and Jeff’s story was difficult for Trinity’s inability to see what is right in front of her, but Jeff made the story worth the read. If you like paranormal stories that include the beings that go bump in the night, you will enjoy these ones.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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