ISBN: 9781957228655
May 2022
Champagne Books
248 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kylie is a small-town girl at heart, even though she left Camden for Toronto right out of high school. She was good at her job, but never really fit in and was always trying to keep up with her city friends – until it cost her her job.

Derek is both a police officer and on the town council of his hometown. He lives with his sister and her son.

Kylie and Derek each had a crush on the other all through high school, but a series of misunderstandings kept them apart, each thinking that the other disliked them. Kylie’s party lifestyle cost her her job in Toronto, forcing her to come home to Camden to regroup, and her first encounter with Derek left her with a speeding ticket. Not a good way to restart her life, but she was determined to prove to her family and her hometown that she is not totally irresponsible, starting with helping Derek and his friends oppose a water treatment plant that is not the godsend the company is telling the town council.

This is a well written and uplifting story. Kylie has totally screwed up her life by trying to keep up with her new friends, only to find out they are not worth the effort. They all dropped her like a hot coal when she lost her job. She comes home to find that the friends she left behind are the ones that she can count on and decides to make the most of her time with them. She makes new friends on her trips to the local assisted living facility and shows her talents by organizing and financing a festival for the community; raising money for local groups and promoting local businesses, while providing the public with information about the proposed water treatment plant. I enjoyed reading about Kylie and Derek’s rocky romance, but the supporting characters including Captain the pug and Taco the escape artist guinea pig really make the story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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