ISBN/AISN: 9781487430580/B08VHNXB2F
January 2021 (Previously released by Whiskey Creek January 2011, same title)
Extast Books
Ebook, paperback
140 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

From the first moment Melanie sat down at his table while they were in college, Marcus has never been able to forget her.  She broke off communication when he married but he is close to becoming divorced and is near where she lives.  Needing to know if the spark is still there, he heads to farm country to find out.

Melanie is now an English teacher in a small town who spends her time off grading papers; the party life left behind in college.  She loves Marcus but he is still married.  When he shows up in her small town, she cannot resist him.  When he goes back to the city she figured that was it but fate stepped in and gave them a second chance to choose.

Can what began in college last for a lifetime?  Will these two be able to combine their lives?  When fate steps in what they both thought was impossible may become possible.

Melanie is one character I doubt I will ever forget.  She is a total go getter in ways most women do not have the ability to even try.  I was entertained by the two different worlds and the time it took for them to figure out how to find a place where the two could meet.  Two for Tuesday is a wonderful romance with two very strong characters who each want a second chance and both must fight to get it.

Reviewer at Coffee Time Romance & More

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