ISBN-10:  0997685115/ ISBN-13:  9780997685114
November 3, 2016
Waxing Gibbous Press
E-Book/ Print
$7.99 e-book/ $17.99 Print
282 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lacey de la Roche is a very privileged and some would say very spoiled young girl who grows into womanhood. She has been the apple of her fathers eye since her mother’s death. She truly loves to push boundaries to get what she wants. Yet as she grows into womanhood, she sees another side to life one that is not so lucky. She also lives to push the buttons of Courtland and her feelings grow into a deep seeded love for him.

Courtland O’Rourke has found himself living mostly a privileged life. It soon changes; however, when the pains of war come knocking and he has no choice but to endure those hardships. As war rages and life slowly moves along, he also finds his feeling for Lacey changing and finds he does not want to be without her or her love. Some days that is all that keeps him going.

War in Ireland and parts of Europe in early 1900’s is not pretty. There is turmoil, treachery, deceit, lies and more that is not good, but in the midst of it also comes love and rebirth, heroes and regrowth. Courtland and Lacey find themselves in that group. Loving and learning and growing with hopes for a future free to love.

I normally enjoy historical fiction yet found myself being lost many times moving forward through The Irish Tempest. There were so many places and issues happening at once. Yet that was my only issue reading this book. I did enjoy the colorful cast of characters and the ever-growing romance between Lacey and Courtland. Overall I would say use your own judgment but if you are fans of this genre I am sure it will be too your liking.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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