ISBN #9780463268537
June 2019
Deep Desires Press
160 pages
Erotic Fantasy Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Genevieve, although only a laundress’ daughter, is the best friend of Princess Malaya. The two have been inseparable since childhood. Too soon it is time for Malaya to wed, and her father summons eligible princes for her to choose among, although she has no wish to marry and change her life. Then the legendary Frozen Prince from the far north crashes the party and demands to have Malaya for his own. To save her friend, Genevieve insists they change clothes and she ends up being stolen instead.

The Frozen Prince bargained with a witch to save his life years ago when he sustained a mortal wound in an attack, but the price he paid was to turn to ice, along with his entire kingdom. To brighten his bleak, lonely life, he wants a mate. He goes to find one, and it turns out he really wants the spritely and feisty Genevieve and not the princess.

This kidnapping results in a quest in which Malaya finds she has courage and strength she did not know were hers. With the court Jester, who turns out to be Genevieve’s father, she pursues her kidnapped friend. In the chain of events she meets a man she prefers to all the mediocre princes, while Genevieve falls in love with the prince. They must all work mightily for their happy endings, even if they must suffer and survive fierce adventures.

This tale actually has two heroines and the hero is not clear until halfway through or further, thus not meeting the normal romance paradigm. The basic plot forms a clever and convoluted fairy tale which could be a decent YA level read—except for the frequent and explicit sex. Unfortunately, I found most of those scenes felt contrived and gratuitous, adding little to the overall story. The mixture was not an efficacious one for me. However, some may find it a quick and easy read, perhaps titillating as well as entertaining.

Reviewer at Coffee Time Romance and More

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