The Nannies, Book 7
ISBN: 9780369503183
March 2021
Evernight Publishing
123 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Caleb is as close to a beast as a human can get. He feels nothing, and the only one he had ever loved was gone and has left behind a 3 year old child for him to care for. He has lost hope in humanity, but when the innocent looking waitress insists upon buying his breakfast on his worst day, he decides she will be his if only for a moment.

Grace us aptly named, and all she wants to do is help others despite the loss of her parents. When she helps a stranger, she has no idea it will change her life and possibly take it. When she is saved and taken to the beast’s lair, she is given an ultimatum she never imagined.

Caleb knows Grace cannot be as good and innocent as she sees, but he will dirty her up until her true colors are revealed. Grace has never met a man so mean, but she cannot help but look for the good in him when he reveals the truth of his past and what shaped him into the man he is. There is a monster lurking in the shadows determined to make Caleb to pay for a debt he did not even know he had. Can Caleb save the only family has left and the one who belongs to him before it is to late, or will he discover the darkness is too close to home and he just may lose it all?

The writing of Ms. Crescent is superb . She takes what appears to be the dregs of society and shows him to be something more. There were many times I wanted to hurt the man myself, but Grace handles everything he does to her and throws at her in stride and never waivers. Both characters are fleshed out clearly and leaves the reader on the same relationship wave as Caleb and Grace. I highly recommend The Beast’s Nanny to any reader who desires a true alpha in their life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

The Nannies
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