Hells Bastards MC

  • Book 1 Ugly Beast
  • Book 2:  Smokey

Hells Bastards MC, Book 2
ISBN: 9780369503862
July 2021
Evernight Publishing
317 Pages
Erotic, MC
Rating: 5 Cups

Ava decided to start her life over in a new town when her marriage crashes and burns. Her little bakery makes her happy and when she meets Smokey, she only wants a little fun. When what she expected occurs, she is still left with her heart and soul in ashes. She is done with men and knows it is time to start over once again, but then the unexpected happens and she is unsure what to do next.

Smokey does not trust women and letting one close leads to disaster – and when he meets Ava, he is sure she will be the same. When he learns how wrong he is, it is too late and he has lost her forever. Unfortunately, he is unable to let go and when the opportunity arises, he begins to fight for his woman – but what can he do when the one he is fighting against is her?

Smokey and Ava find love but when the lack of trust burns the love to ashes, there is no going back, or is there? Smokey must protect Ava, his heart, and his club, but he just may lose one to save the others. Can he repair the hurt and pain he caused his club and Ava, or will he lose the only woman he could ever love?

Reading Smokey was emotional experience. The author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and the outcome is difficult to root for because with every page, the pendulum swings. I love how the idea of forgiveness is explored with every page with the life of Ava and Smokey, as well as the members of the MC.  I absolutely loved the book in the end and encourage the reader to follow the relationships  and make it to the end because the end is unexpected and exciting to the last word.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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