ASIN:  B09V72722F
March 2022
E-Book/Hard Copy
225 Pages
Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sabrina Monroe has had nothing but challenges in her life. Her parents died in a tragic accident, she beat cancer, and lastly her grandmother passed away, leaving the family inn in her care. To top it all off, her grandmother was not the financial wizard her husband was, and so the Inn is in serious debt.

Jason O’Neill is the Acquisitions Director for a development company and has it all. He is handsome, successful, and has a lifestyle that most people would envy.

The proprietress of a beleaguered family inn mistakes the corporate shark sent to convince her to sell, for the handyman she was promised. Circumstances and attraction have them both at odds and working as a team to save the inn from an unscrupulous banker and his cronies.

The author takes a classic melodrama and makes it new. Fans of Hallmark movies are going to love this story, it has all of the elements that that genre does so well. I always love stories set in New England and the author has captured the feel of that part of the country very well. The storyline is very wholesome for the most part with an interesting twist from the past. While the story is not laugh out loud funny, it is amusing and difficult to put down, and the author wraps it up with a very satisfying happy ever after ending.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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