Shapeshifter Series

  • Prequel:  The Alpha’s Edge
  • Book 1:  Buy Me Love
  • Book 2:  Money for Nothing

Shapeshifter Series, Book 2
December 2020
LLA Books
294 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Wendy Osceola is a private investigator and big cat shifter. She is from a Native American tribe in South Florida but moved to Orlando after her brother was convicted of embezzling from the tribe’s casino. She is self-reliant and a bit of a loner.

Jackson Cypress is the son of the Prime of the tribe and a high ranking police officer. He is in Orlando in conjunction with an ongoing international case. His mother is hounding him to settle down with the high ranking female of her choice.

Wendy is at brunch with her girlfriends, a novelty for the former loner, when she hears a shotgun blast in the distance. Her curiosity aroused, she runs to the scene; a huge anaconda has been shot in a man’s backyard and said man is in the process of butchering it. Wendy removes two items from the carcass just before the police arrive with Chief Deputy Jackson Cypress, and now Wendy’s brand new life is about to be seriously disrupted.

I was hooked by this novel in the very first chapter. Wendy is a complex and sympathetic character, ostracized by her tribe because of her mother and brother’s sins. Jackson is a strong lead character with a slightly manipulative but very likable mother. The author has excellent world building skills and has packed the story with action and romance. She took full advantage of the setting and showed a knowledge of both cities. The characters are very realistic and well developed. I liked this story so much that I went right out and bought the two previous stories.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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