ISBN# 978-0-3695-0256-8
November 2020
Evernight Publishing
162 Pages
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary
Rating:  4 cups

Ace only left the New York City tattoo parlor he owns with his best friend Zane to move to Dairy Creek, Pennsylvania because he found he had a daughter with a former one-night stand.  He fell in love with Dixie completely and instantly and had already missed her first four years. He knew no matter what he was not missing any more.  He opened a tattoo shop in Dairy Creek, but he does not get much business.  The small town centered on the dairy business do not seem to be the tattoo type and not very welcoming to him as an outsider.

Rachel is in Dairy Creek to salvage some barns due for demolition.  She works for herself traveling around and taking apart old barns while trying to sell wood or other pieces to collectors or decorators, that is where the “Barnstormer” comes in, it is the name of her business.  She left a successful event planning business in Los Angeles and now she travels around in her truck with her dog, Minnie (or Cujo) for company.

Rachel walks into Ace’s tattoo shop right before he closes one evening after having decided she wants a tattoo.  Ace is surprised at her request, even though she says it is    her first ink she wants it to cover most of her side and is requesting a bird.  He finds out she has some scar tissue she is hoping to help disguise.  They both feel an instant attraction, but he can tell she is skittish, and she does not know how someone like him ended up in Dairy Creek. Ace volunteers to help Rachel with some of her work on the barn that requires another set of hands and they start to get to know each other.  He brings Dixie when he has her and she instantly falls for her.  His friend Zane comes to help at the shop for the upcoming Dairy Festival and Rachel steps in and helps organize the shop and the schedule so they can fit in as many appointments as possible.

I really fell for this book.  The way that Ace and Rachel get to know each other slowly combined with the charm of Dixie, Minnie, Zane, and the other crew from the New York shop coming to help at the festival made it irresistible.  Then you throw in Rachel’s backstory and Ace’s baby mama and some STEAMY scenes when Ace and Rachel finally give in to temptation and you have all the components of a wonderful story I will read again.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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