January 17, 2017
ISBN#: 9781773391519
Evernight Publishing
Contemporary, New Adult
Ratings: 4 Cups

Juliette, a survivor of childhood cancer and the foster care system, is determined to never be tied down so when she decides to live on the beach she drops everything to do so. The first evening there she almost drowns, is rescued by the handsome and broody Noah, and finds a place to live. She seems to have everything going for her; a job and place to live that she loves, and a hot friends with benefits setup with Noah. Just as she decides for the first time in her life that she wants to set down roots, her secret from the past catches up with her and the choice to stay might be taken away.

Noah has lived in Myrtle Beach all his life, tragically lost his wife a few years ago, and blames himself for not saving her. He is known to be withdrawn and unsmiling, though the introduction of Juliette to his life has started to change this. He thinks his wife was his soul mate and that he has nothing to offer Juliette, but the idea of someone else being with her has him livid. Steadily he begins to see her differently, developing feelings for her which scare him once he realizes it and decides to push her away. Will he realize in time that she could be the best thing to happen since his wife died?

Juliette seems like a happy-go-lucky person, but it covers her fears and insecurities about her past that she never wants to experience again. For once in her life she wants to stay where she landed and enjoy her new friends and what relationship Noah says he can give her. Her veneer of optimism starts to crumble when signs of her cancer start appearing and the crushing blow of Noah’s betrayal is added. Afraid of the feelings she stirs in him, Noah lashes out with accusations pushing her from his life. Did her cancer return? Will she have to battle it alone as before? Or will Noah realize the truth behind his feelings in time to be by her side again?

This story was just lovely and I enjoyed most everything about it. Each character was well-developed, even the secondary ones, and they had the right blend of emotion to give them nice depth. There were some emotional parts, but the seriousness was offset by a touch of humor, the sweet romance that grew between Juliette and Noah, along with the scorching sexy times they had. It was satisfying to see the romance between them grow from what they thought was a “no strings” sort of relationship into a strong love neither was expecting. I would suggest this to someone looking for a heart-warming and satisfactory read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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