Hades Abyss MC

  • Book 1: Spider
  • Book 2: Rocket
  • Book 3: Slider
  • Book 4: Kraken
  • Book 5: Titan
  • Book 6: Patriot
  • Book 7: Fox

Hades Abyss MC, Book 7
BIN: 009934-03223
August 2021
Chageling Press, LLC
154 Pages
Erotic, motorcycle club romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Raven has lived a life of pain, from an abusive mom to men who abuse her for their own pleasure. She has never know trust, safety, or love – until Fox. When one man breaks into her nightmare and saves her; the other makes her feel safer than she has ever felt in her life. It is time Raven begins to live if only the past would let her go.

Fox is sure he will never have an old lady or a family, and then he sees Raven. She is the strongest woman he has ever met, even though she has lived in hell for years. At first he is determined to find and kill the people who hurt her, but then his mission changes because he wants her for himself.

Fox needs Raven in his life and will kill her past and fight her father to keep her. Raven is sure she will never be free and safe until she runs into the arms of Fox. Fox and Hades Abyss will fight for Raven’s future, but is she strong enough to fight until the end?

The writing of Ms. Wylde is amazing. Her characters are strong, even at their weakest moments. Fox is a strong man who is determined to help Raven put her shattered heart back together. The action in the story is not over the top, but makes all the MC men and women shine in a life many feel is to dark. I highly recommend Fox and Ravens story to the romantic at heart who needs a side of intrigue and erotic love.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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