November 2021
Champagne Books Group
121 Pages
Historical, Fantasy, Holiday Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Babbie is a talented actress left penniless by an acting company and the man she loved. Heartbroken and destitute with no place to stay, her son almost dies.

Like a fairytale, they are rescued by the Wicked Scot everyone in town fears. The house she wakes up in is alive; she rushes to escape with her son, fearing the very walls and the man who saved them.

Babbie left thinking it was for the best, but she comes to realize she may have overreacted. Can she go back and try again, or will she be forced to give up her son so he can live a better life?

Normally I do not read fantasy, but The Christmas Unicorn caught my eye. I found the story extraordinary for the writer’s ability to craft a vivid story that keeps the reader snared in the magic to the very end. The ending was a plot twist I never expected. Ms. Ahearn is a talented writer who provides a fairytale worth reading.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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