The Accidental Fairy Tale

  • Book 1:  Falling for Love

The Accidental Fairy Tale, Book 1
BIN: 009661-03132
January 2021
Changeling Press LLC
76 Pages
Erotic Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jasmine wanted to take a vacation away from it all, only to find being solitary does not mean you are truly alone. When a strange event takes place, she heads to civilization she finds the reality she though lived in was an illusion and the truth will be stranger than fiction.

Micha lost a very important magical book, and when he finds it, he is forced to rescue the woman who has no idea of the danger she is in. When he has no choice but to protect Jasmine, he drags her into a world which may lead to her death.

Jasmine finds herself in the pages of Michas book and in the middle of a fight to save the magical world of Oz. She is determined to help Micha however she can, but she does not count on falling for two men and never wanting to leave either behind.

The idea of the book was interesting as it put a spin on a fairy tale I could never have imagined would be enthralling. Come back to Oz and see all the twists which have changed the once wonderful land of Oz. Jasmine is the modern-day Dorothy who feels one step behind and instead of being picked up by a tornado, she falls into a book. I enjoyed the twists the author took and though I thought I knew the story, I soon learned not everything as it seems. If you like a story where every turn of the page keeps you seeking answers, then the writing of Ms. Hart and Accidental Fairy Tale is for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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