Assassin’s Core, Book 1
Serenity Snow
ISBN: 9780369500809
October 2019
Evernight Publishing
166 Pages
F/F, Alternative, Paranormal, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Tatiana is a woman with power trapped by the expectations of others. She is on course to marry a man, but her heart will always crave a woman. She decides to take one last night for herself when she meets.the one she cannot deny.

Alexi is a jaguar shifter and an assassin. When one of her girls at her businesses is murdered by a customer, she is out for revenge. Unfortunately, her one night with Tatiana is stuck in her mind though she knows there is nothing for her with a woman living in the closet.

When Tatiana’s brother decides to cross Alexi, she has little choice but to take care of business even if she knows there is a chance she could lose Tatiana forever. When the truth comes out and the fallout drops, who will be left standing, because there is always a price in love and war.

Ms. Snow writes a story which goes from the boardroom, to the ballroom, and to dark places where ugliness and crime reside. I love the visuals provided of the different places where the wealthy and strong survive. I love Alexi because she is so strong but still yearns for Tatiana even when she knows she should not. The story has danger and intrigue which includes shifters, assassins, and witches – who could pass up a story with that variety of characters?

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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