September 2021
Morning Star Publishing
228 Pages
Romantic Comedy, contemporary romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Shawn is a special man just looking for the right woman for him. The problem Shawn encounters is his autism often leaves him lost in a world where no one understands – until Violet.

Violet is existing in a world where no one cares about her and she pops pills just to forget what she must endure, until she meets Shawn. She knows he is special, but she also knows he needs a special woman and she has never been anything special.

Violet has a plan – one Shawn is unaware of, but for him it does not matter because she is “the one”. After all, she was the first woman he could hold close. Violet was caught off guard by the feelings Shawn inspired in her, and now there is no going back. Can Shawn and Violet find a way to shed the past and move into a future, or will it all end in pain and misery?

I enjoyed the story of Shawn and Violet. Mr. Wolf throws the reader into so many emotions by introducing them into a subject many would never read about. I enjoyed Shawn because he was so open with his emotions and he fought for what he believed in. In the beginning I was unable to see in Violet what Shawn saw, but looking at her through his eyes gave a whole other aspect of unconditional love. Shawn was strong where many would think different of him. I was amazed by the writing and storyline that I read it all in one sitting. I highly recommend The Sound of Violet and the writing of Mr. Wolf.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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