Windsor Falls Series Book 1
ISBN: 9781946682000
March 2017
Carolina Blue Publishing
E-Book/ Print
$2.99 e-book/ $12.99 Print
260 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Elizabeth Abbott Fitzgerald has had a rough tragedy in her life : she lost her husband in a horrible car accident and then lost their baby. With so much grief, she ran away from her home to distance herself from the pain. She was so consumed in her own grief she never thought about how others felt in their own grief. Now with coming home because her mother’s health is bad she is faced with settling the past and tough decisions.

Sam Bishop has spent most of his life in love with his best friend Elizabeth, only he never told her; especially since she was in love with his other friend. He too lost so much when the accident took Conner from them. He blames himself as he was driving. When Elizabeth comes home, he finds it so hard to keep his feeling in check for her.

Sad circumstances bring Elizabeth back to her hometown but she soon finds family and friends accept her not judge her actions in leaving. They too grieved for Conner but missed her. They cant help but hope she stays in Windsor Falls, especially Sam because the chemistry between them ignites and both find themselves hiding their feelings but they must confront the past and each other to move forward.

What a great book!. I fell right in Windsor Falls with the cast of characters. As I was reading, I was hope some of the background characters would get their own story and I was happy to find out they are!. Kudos to Ms O’Malley on creating a wonderful place that readers can escape to. You will enjoy Elizabeth and Sam’s journey to a great future together.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Windsor Falls Series


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