12 Days of Christmas

  • Book 1: Lady Pear’s Duke
  • Book 2: The Duke’s Dove
  • Book 3: A Fowl Christmastide
  • Book 4: Four Calling Cards
  • Book 5: The Duke’s Golden Rings
  • Book 6: Miss Kitten’s Geese
  • Book 7:  Chasing the Duke

12 Days of Christmas:  Book 7
ISBN:  9798689471617
December 2020
121 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Camille Bellington is a beautiful and intelligent woman. She is also a botanist and successful business owner. Two strikes against her in the Marriage Mart; a bluestocking and in trade.

Tristan, Duke of Mercer, is everything the marriageable debutantes of the Ton are looking for. He is handsome, rich, and a duke. He is also reclusive, irritable, and suffers from PTSD after the Battle of Waterloo.

Camille has promised herself to never chase a duke again. As a child, she idolized Tristan and followed him and her brother everywhere. As an adult, she has more serious issues. She has a business to run and her guardian aunt is rapidly running out of money. She is about to make an advantageous marriage when Tristan comes back into her life and turns it upside down.

On the surface, this is a fairly generic Regency Romance. A beautiful young and impoverished bluestocking meets her childhood ideal; a handsome wealthy duke, and they fall in love and live happily ever after. However, this author has taken the same old genre and breathed new life into it. The characters are realistic and not cardboard cutouts. They have real problems and face them realistically. In addition, except for calling Lady Camille, an unmarried woman, Lady Bellington, Ms. Sumner has a very good grasp of the period and does an excellent job of describing it for us in the context of a completely absorbing storyline.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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