Reckless Royals, Book 1
ISBN: 9781927454732
March 2021
Champagne Book Group
147 Pages
Royal, Sweet Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jordanna of Evanosia has wanted nothing more than to make a difference, but instead has been shuttled aside and treated as the spare meant to be seen and not heard. She is unhappy with the life she has and never believed her family would basically trade her for some security, but that is her new reality.

Liam, the future king of Saldinia, was the second in line until his brother abdicated the thrown and ran away from the responsibility. Now he has been asked by his father, the King, to create a dynasty by uniting his country and Evanosia through marriage. He knows it is his duty, but he is not sure the champagne princess is interested in becoming a future queen.

Jordanna knows she can make a difference by agreeing to marry the handsome man to save her country, but she is unsure how it could ever work in reality. Liam finds Jordanna a woman of beauty, but is unsure he could ever make her happy. Can these two royals find a way to make each other happy in their arranged marriage?

Jordanna is an interesting character because she is a difficult woman, but one who has a heart of gold no one has seemed interested in. Liam is a man of honor who will do what his king requests even if he is confused by who Jordanna truly is. I enjoyed witnessing the pair’s navigation to a future they could live with and possibly even find some happiness. The Champagne Princess is true romance with a dash of intrigue.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More



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