ISBN: 9780369502551
December 2020
Evernight Publishing
96 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna-Beth is a workaholic and moving to a small town where she knows no one does not help.

She is content in her life and then the biker moves in next door and nothing is the same again.  She knows she is not his type but when he pushes her to attend his house party she gives in and her safe and quiet life is no more.

Rix just spent 3 years in prison and now has to live away from his club in a suburban neighborhood where the only good part is the lady next door.   He never plans for her to change the very fiber of his being, but he knows when it is time to go, he wants to take her with him.

Anna-Beth hears the legend about her and Rix’s houses, but she does not believe until she starts to fall for the biker next door who leaves her in the dust.  Just when she decides it is best if she moves on fate throws her another curve ball when Rix comes back. Can she fit into his world or will she forever live without the biker next door?

I fell in love with this story, but the best part is the elderly neighbor who lives down the street. The character was crafted to fit perfectly in the biker world and become an integral part of Anna-Beth and Rix’s story.  The writing of Sam Crescent does not disappoint and leaves the reader wanting to read more about the world she has created.  If you like a little whimsical with your biker story, then this is the book for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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