Mystic’s All Night Café

  • Book 1: Beautiful Soul
    Book 2: Beautiful Heart

Mystic’s All Night Café, Book 2
ISBN: 978036950485
December 2021
Evernight Publishing
103 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Gerri lives a solitary life since the death of her husband which almost took her ability to walk. Determined to work herself back to full mobility, she takes an early morning walk which leads to finding a special man who saves her life over and over.

Livingston is a vampire prince who found his might, who is also a bland a.k.a human. When he discovers her under attack from hoodlums he gets out to help her and finds out that someone is taking supernatural females – and to their detriment, they took his mate.

Gerri had no idea her life was about to change, but she is smart enough to hang on to her man. When she makes a decision she is all in, but there are people taking supernatural females, and when they take her, she is determined to save them all. Livingston wants his mate back and does not care what it takes -he will get her back.

Mystic All Night Café sounds like the place to be and I love the character Mystic. She is a central character who makes a big impact while only having a small role in the story.  I think Gerri is amazing for her acceptance of the path her life is taking, while at the same time not allowing anyone to run her over.  I loved he writing of Ms. McKenzie so much I bought Mage Kingsley James book before even finishing this one. Come along to the Mystic All Night Café where I guarantee it will change your life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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