Crude Hill High

  • Book 1: Monster’s Crew
  • Book 2: Monster’s Gift
  • Book 3: Beast’s Demands

Crude Hill High, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780369504036
August 2021
Evernight Publishing
244 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Earl has watched Ashley for years, biding his time until he can get pawns in place to make her his. He is not a nice man, but he is a determined one and she will be his.

Ashley is a pawn for monsters to use, but she plays the game to keep her best friend safe. Now she has been sold to a beast and she is just waiting to see what pain will be inflicted next. She has never been truly wanted or loved, so she never expects to get it from a beast.

Earl manipulated circumstances and ensured his enemy would turn her over to him. Women have always been a pawn in his world, and he thought she would be the same. When his world decides she is still going to be a pawn, he takes her out of the game, even if it meant kicking her out of his life. Will Ashley survive one more betrayal, or will Earl lose her permanently?

Earl and Ashley’s story is written in a world where women are just a commodity. I found the story interesting, if a bit disturbing. Ms. Crescent is a talented writer who can pull the reader into a world never imagined and throw them in the deep end to lead them to a new understanding of love. I felt every emotion imaginable, but in the end the story was worth the read. I had to keep reading to see how the author could wrap it up.  If you do not mind an emotional roller coaster, then Beast’s Demands is the book for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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