The Alpha Shifter Collection

  • Book 1: The Alpha’s Toy
  • Book 2: Alpha Bait
  • Book 3: The Alpha’s Virgin Possession
  • Book 4: The Alpha’s Domination
  • Book 5: Alpha Bully
  • Book 6: Runt of the Litter
  • Book 7: The Alpha’s Virgin Witch
  • Book 8: Fat Mate
  • Book 9: Bullied by the Alpha
  • Book 10:  Alpha Beast

The Alpha Shifter Collection, Book 10
ISBN: 9780369503428
May 2021
Evernight Publishing
115 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Jenny has spent her life living on the outside, until now. Everyone has looked at her as a freak and she has always felt alone, until Liam. Jenny and Liam are key to merging two packs who once were rivals. Little does Liam know, but he is getting a bad deal because she is cursed.

Liam has heard the rumors about Jenny, but from the moment he is close to her he knows she will change his life forever as his forever mate; the one he gave up finding. He understands everyone thinks she is weird and has avoided her, which left her all for him. When she begins speaking to someone he is unable to see, he knows that she speaks to the dead and knows what no one else does.

Jenny can see and hear the dead, which has made her the freak, but she does not care because now there is a little girl who is closer to her than she could ever imagine. Before the battle between good and evil is over, secrets will be reviewed and loved ones lost, and in the end Jenny prays she can fight the curse and hold on to her man because she loves him so much and failed to tell him. Will she ever get the chance to say it in this life, or will it have to be in the afterlife?

Ms. Crescent provides a unique storyline which I absolutely love because Jenny is more than people believe, and by the end the reader knows she has power even if she has no wolf. I loved the world Ms. Crescent created and the characters; all of them spoke to the reader and earned my empathy. I love Jenny and Liam, but Liam was the best because he loved Jenny despite the flaw others saw. I want to read more of these characters and will read this story again because it was well worth the read and I already miss the characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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