BIN: 009682-03139
January 2021
Changeling Press LLC
98 Pages
Erotic, paranormal, romantic comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Effin is having a really bad day and she often thinks it is her life since her mom named her Effin by mistake. When she is set up by her supposed best friend, with what was supposed to be a fine brother, she ends up escaping her nightmare by leaping from his car.  When she comes to a stop, she finds a pretty kitty and decides just maybe she is destined to be a cat lady.

Masa is cursed due to making the mistake of sleeping with a kitsune who was mated to another. He has spent years seeking the one who would break the curse, until the day he witnesses a black beauty rolling out of a moving vehicle.

Effin takes Masa home, never knowing that he is more than he first appears. Just when she thinks she cannot live without him, her hateful sister comes in and ruins it all – or has she?

The storyline is unique and draws the reader from page to page. I giggle at how Effin got her name and when Masa is caught being a cat in an unusual way. I found the characters well developed and realistic despite the fantasy in the story. I enjoyed reading about Effin and Masa, but I especially loved how she finally stood up to her sister. If you are into fantastical stories set in modern times then A Happy Effin Valentine is the story for you.

Reviewer for Coffee time Romance & More


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