The Fieldings

  • Book 1: Breath
  • Book 2: Hold
  • Book 3: Stand

The Fieldings: Book 3
ISBN 9781957123042
January 2023
Tea Rose Publishing LLC
214 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Ty is a sensitive male who has suffered in his marriage, and even though he had to withstand his wife’s abuse, he did everything to protect his children from his wife’s sickness and never grew bitter or mean.

Sam is a woman who even though thought that life had handed her a cruel card, she realized how lucky she had been most of her life in comparison to Ty who suffered for years. Her lessons made her a better woman and taught her how to truly love a man and appreciate him.

The story shows hardships of life from different aspects and the ways someone tries to deal with them, and resolve them, and grow past them in order to become the adult they truly want to be. It talks about responsibility and kindness and parentage with many examples through discussions and scenes of all the characters of this book.

I gave this book five cups because it deserves the attention and being read by people who can learn to be kind, or can learn to grow out of abusive relationships without blaming themselves. It talks about healing and finding love and growing more mature from all the experiences. It is a story worth reading not only once.

Christine Baely
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance & More

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