An avid reader and lover of literature, Christina Quinn, has always wanted to be an author for as long as she can remember. She spends most of her days with a coffee cup or wine glass within arm’s reach as she labors at her laptop weaving incredible stories.

Heart of the Forest

In Ersland, you stay out of the forests, and you stick to your own kind...

It’s common knowledge elves steal human women in the middle of the night to be their whores, or worse. According to The Dawn, elves are the agents of the dark and to be avoided at all costs.

As a Cunning Woman, Valentina has never really cared too much about The Dawn or its racist tenets—it probably has something to do with the fact that they burn healers as witches. So when a desperate group of elves bring their wounded leader Aneurin to her door, Valentina agrees to treat him. As his wounds heal, their hearts entwine and they fall in love.

However, Aneurin has a powerful secret which threatens to tear them apart more than racism of Ersland ever could. And Yorwrath, Aneurin’s brother, is there waiting for their bond to break...with a slave collar with Valentina’s name on it.

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After the curtain closes on a ground breaking performance of Swan Lake by the only all Vampire Ballet Company, timid graduate student Autumn Darling spies a vampire dancing in the rehearsal studios. A mysterious, beautiful and intimidating man who serves as the all Vampire Ballet Company's star Principal Dansuer, Aleksi. The poised, demure Autumn is shocked to find herself attracted to Aleksi, in spite of all of the warnings she's received her entire life about vampires. Intrigued by Autumn's composure and reserve, Aleksi discovers he has a need to make the shy academic his-at all costs.

Neither of them could have guessed the price would be so high, as they embark on their passionate, torrid affair. Aleksi opens Autumn's eyes to new possibilities, shattering her world, leaving her raw and reborn... and with a new found knowledge that pointe shoes aren't just for dancing.

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Dark Awakenings

Autumn Darling thought her life couldn't get any more complicated after the events of last summer, but oh how she was wrong. Months after Aleksi ended their sizzling liaison Autumn discovers that the dominant, damaged, vampire danseur never stopped having feelings for her. And these repressed desires cause her to twist more than the bite of his crop ever did.

After meeting famed danseur Nikolai Zelenko—Aleksi’s prospective fledging—it’s not long before they find themselves embroiled in a heated forbidden affair. However, it soon becomes painfully clear that Nikolai has a dark and deadly secret that threatens to drive them apart—while Aleksi awaits in the wings.

Autumn struggles to salvage her strength and find balance in her desires as new more dangerous threats are revealed. In the end, she finds herself torn between Aleksi and Nikolai, though she knows she can’t have her cake and eat it too…or can she?

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Eyes of Fire, Arwn’s Gift #2 (November 15th 2016); Dangerous Desires (Winter/Spring 2017)

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