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***Hello readers! It is that time again. Time for another great interview but this time it is just a little different. Instead of interviewing an author about her/his upcoming and present works, we are going to enter the world of Role Playing. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy this virtual ride!

Lady Isis

Let me first start off by listing the cast of characters. ***

Lady Isis:  I am the Lady Isis High Sorceress of this world that has no name. Nor shall it. I founded this world and I rule here because I control the delete button. I have but one rule and that is my word is law, but I am not infallible. Once, I thought I made a mistake but I was wrong. So I do not believe in repeating myself. Like every creature I too search for the reason why. So let’s take that journey together but don't test my patience too much along the way. We clear?

Bray Dalton:  Born to shape shifting parents of different breeds, a forbidden blend of two of the world's deadliest predators, gave me unique shifting abilities. At the age of seven I was torn from my home in the dead of night, never to see my family again. Growing up my life was hard and ridge, I was taught strict discipline, raised by the U.S. Government. The training I have received has been extensive and thorough. Along with my shifting abilities and extensive training, I am invaluable commodity to the U.S. Government.

Stryder Carell:  If the Guardian angel Lazeil Urim is King Savage Notte's right arm then I am his left. But without them I would be much less than I am. I've increased my wealth and that of my fellow guards with such a gift. My King and his guards collectively are the richest beings on the planet. *snickers* We own bloody fortunes which pisses off the Elders to no end. That alone is worth it.

Abadone:  Lord of the infernal region and the parts of earth that I desire. With the mere thought of seeing my son, Arch, I close my eyes and inhale as the corners of my lips slightly curve up into a malevolent smile. With a dark chuckle, I focus on him as if he were standing right in front of me now; I push out my touch towards him letting him know that I am never far. That we will be standing in front of each other SOON, and that he will not enjoy it.


Thank you for taking the time to visit with me! I hope you have fun!

Lady Isis:  I am honored that you've chosen to get to know the characters on here and my world a little. Thank you for the opportunity.

Lady Isis: *Projecting her thoughts to them* They better just nod and agree.

Bray: *Nods and agrees* Because I’m not dumb.

Stryder: *Nods and agrees with one of the females he respects*

Abadone:  Yea right.  Well I don’t know, or care, why Lady Isis is honored that you’ve chosen to get to know me.  That was inevitable – she really had nothing to do with it.

Bray:  *Barks out a laugh waiting for Lady Isis to blast Abadone off the page.*

Bray Dalton: Thank you for doing this. I love this site. I love the writing here and it’s such an honor to me to be here. It’s exciting that you may see that too!

Abadone: My dearest Sassacous Angel...I am not egotistical. ~growls~ I-AM-THE-SUPREME BEING. Otherwise you wouldn’t be cowering before me ~malevolent smile spreading across lips as he looks over to his book of names~ Oh, I see. Seems like you'll be joining me in due time ~sneers~. Well now that we've gotten that out the way I strongly suggest that you switch your recorder on and get started before you drown in that putrid yellow liquid that's running down your leg. See u soon on the dark side ~LOL~

Stryder Carell: Pleasure to meet you Danielle; I’m sure it is normally traditional to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. *grins subtly* But by the end of this I am pretty confident you will be thanking me *Picks up his single malt, sipping it slowly as the grin crosses his lips and his eyes hold hers*

Stryder Carell

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers…I don’t know whether to fan myself from the passion that Stryder has me feeling or run in terror from Abadone. They say that fear can be a great aphrodisiac…***

Lady Isis: *eye roll* He’s such a flirt but he’s going to meet his match so don’t worry.

Bray:  Bahahahahahahahahaa, *holds his side laughing so hard* Stry man, you crack me up. *Pulling up a chair he sits next to Stry listening to the interview and getting ready to answer his own questions.  Lifting two fingers to the bartender, he orders another round.* Ok, Danielle, keep going, this is going to be good and entertaining for us all. Stry, my man, is that a hair out of place?

Stryder:  *Turns to Bray to whisper* NO stealing my answers

Abadone:  *folds arms across massive chest* I may have to rethink bringing him onboard.  What 'fierce warrior' sips their whiskey?  Side glances towards Bray *I think you may be onto something with the donut shop comment*.

Bray:  *Reaching out for a knuckle bump with Abadone, he sits back kicking his legs out, crossing his muscular arms over his broad chest.* Great point on the whiskey, my man.. or demon... or whatever you are.  I’m totally rethinking your value to this interview. I’m thinking Lady I should wait a little longer for blasting you off the page.  And we need popcorn. And should Danielle be climbing into Stryder’s lap like that? *Shrugging his shoulders* Human females can be so funny.


What is it about the Role Playing World that interests you so much?

Lady Isis: The wealth of writers. I am never bored reading anything on here. The ideas are fresh. Once the writers here realized they no longer had to be constrained by someone else's words they came up with their own phenomenal ideas. And we at RPW are at the forefront of a new form of writing, a new way of telling a story. Just as important we don’t allow just anyone to walk on the site and begin to role play. Like a publishing house prospective ICs must apply for IC status. They have to submit a bio of the character and a short synopsis of their storyline. They must show they actually have a story to go with the character and first and foremost that they can write.

Bray: I started in this world a couple of years ago playing a character from a book series I love. I was so clueless to the existence of this role play thing and only came into it in order to help a friend out with their role play page. It took me about a day to fall in love!   It’s so fun to bring the characters we all have in our heads to life. I wasn’t a writer at all, and still don’t consider myself one but I’m trying and learning so much every day. I’ve met lifelong friends through role play. For the first time in my life I have people all around me with my same interest, it’s hard to find people in the real world who read your favorite genre and can talk about it on the same level as you. Here, those people are everywhere!

The friend I mentioned above developed a character and now we spend hours planning and writing about them. It’s so fun to watch them come to life. It’s great to watch other’s learn about our characters, talk to them, root for them during the stories. It’s truly wonderful and great fun!  A bigger benefit for me, our real life friendship has also grown by leaps and bounds, we are truly the best of friends now because of these characters we created and play!

Abadone: It is truly the only world that I blend into successfully. If I lived topside – your world – I would be pigeonholed into some mental condition and put on psychiatric medications. Look what happened to Sybil – really, who needs to hold in an enema while their mother plays the piano when I am king down here ~side glance~

Stryder: The ability to be able to share a story or part of your life, to let people get to know what flows on the inside.  And to do it in a way that is fully controlled by you.

Lady Isis: How did you come up with the concept of RPW?

Role playing is rampant on Facebook and I met many characters on there from well loved books. The problem was none of the work they played was original work. Instead they were copyrighted works of others, but some of these writers were brilliant. However, they were limited by what they could do because of the character they wrote. The other thing was a lot of fighting went on between the groups on Facebook, still is, for the same fans and writers. So people got their pages deleted left and right and a lot of work they had done is just gone. Some of it was Facebook clamping down on role players/RPers but most was just rival groups reporting on each other and hacking into accounts. I got tired of going to a friend's page and finding it gone. I decided that Facebook wouldn't change and as long as the work was not your own opened the writer up to other issues. So after talking to some of the most talented role players on Facebook I created a world that would be friendlier and safer for people who wanted to express their writing in this character format. And they could actually create original work. Unlike other Role Play sites that focused on video, board games, or popular shows this site would focus on writing. The site was developing not just strong characters, but solid plots and story lines.

RPW also has a Facebook page. Would you like to share the link?

Yes our group page. Our “Interactive Character Storytellers/ICS” as we call ourselves now stop by all the time and sometimes run blurbs on there and links to their storylines.

Bray: How did you come to meet Lady Isis?

Lady Isis is a savior, and probably the only true solid in my life right now. Her wisdom and guidance will be paramount in getting through this alive. On a side note, and she will kill me for saying, Lady Isis is a visionary I’m happy to follow. Her world is safe, exciting and so easy to navigate in. I love being here, I wouldn’t be anywhere else! 

Lady Isis: He’s a sweetheart but…*frowns* Bray what do you want now? And no that dog you like is still not allowed on my site.

Bray: *snapping his fingers, Bray turns back to Danielle with a wink* Doll, I need help. There is this precious puppy that needs to be a part of our RPW world. You and I should talk later about little, sweet Gunner. Maybe over dinner after all this is over. I think you could be very helpful in persuading the Lady I to change her ways of thinking…

Reviewer Danielle:  Since my dog just had 7…yes I said 7…puppies, I am kind of full up on them right now. They are 3 weeks old and mama has stopped feeding them.  So I get to. Picture 7 newborns….not a pretty picture. I have to take Lady Isis’ side on this one. Although it could be because she can hear every one of my naughty thoughts that I am having about Stryder.

Stryder: I like pups

Abadone:  Well I'm merely passing through Lady I's world since this is where my son is hiding. However Bray's point about her world being safe ~it's nothing short than a witness protection   program in this realm~, exciting and easy to navigate is most certainly true.

Bray:  *Looking over the pictures of the sweet little puppies on Danielle’s phone, Bray slides his finger across the screen, smiling while looking at the 50 or so shots Danielle has saved. Narrowing his brow he flashes his eyes up to the little human Danielle when she says she is taking Lady Isis’ side. Pulling his own phone out, thinking she won’t be so easily sided after he shares the pictures he has of little Gunner, the sweetest little Boston Terrier of any world. *nodding his head, Bray sits back, keeping his eye brow arched and eyeing the interviewer he is trying to decide if he likes or not…*

Lady Isis:  BRAYTON!!!!

Abadone:  You are the Lord of the infernal region as well as the parts of Earth that you desire. How have you obtained your status?

Hmmm…let’s see, well for starters I challenged GOD. Then I believe I tempted an inferior human woman – I believe her name was Eve. It was, and continues to be, a downhill free for all after that. If there is one thing that your world has an abundance of is sin. That my dearest, Reviewer Danielle, is all I’ve ever needed to gain status.

Stryder:  Ab that’s what makes it so much fun... Humans are always good entertainment when *pauses while he thinks of the right word* They can be molded for your own purposes *grins at the thought of his own uses*

Lady Isis: "Yeah he challenged him and had his butt handed to him on a platter. Some won't ever learn. And wait until Arch and Ice take you on. They won't be so nice."

Abadone: Minor detail Lady Isis so stop harping on it already.  Stryder, now that's the mindset I need down here!

Bray:  *Chuckling* I love how the flames shoot out of his head when he talks about God. I sense tension there... And for the record, Abadone’s butt is fine. Just so the reader gets that visual. I think it’s important to the story.

Stryder: What is your favorite weapon of choice?

My short blades or my own body. Your body is limitless to what you can teach it.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, here is a fun fact. Stryder states that Carell means “fierce warrior”. ***

Stryder: Yes. Fitting don't you think?

Lady Isis: *grins* actually yes.

Abadone:  *gives a bored eye roll and sigh* If not for that fact I'd have no use for him.

Bray:  It’s actually true…if by Fierce Warrior you really mean,’ cries like a little girl’.

Lady Isis: For those of us who are extremely technically challenged when it comes to new things, can you explain exactly what role playing is?

Most dictionaries would define it as something like: An instance or situation in which one deliberately acts out or assumes a particular character or role. For the most part that is what role players do. They take on the characteristics of a character from a book, movie, game, and react in situations based on how that character would react. Or at least their interpretation of how the character would react. Think in terms of an actor playing a part. What we do at RPW is take it further. Not only do we take on the role of the character but we also develop a strong storyline and plot to go along with it. Going far beyond the character bio. This is why we are distinguishing ourselves from role playing. Role playing is the generic name, but RPW ICs are even more specific, we are more storytellers than role players. We take on the role but also have a story to tell to go along with it. Our focus and emphasis is on the writing not the acting. We're a writing group that writes in a character format.

Bray: Your bio states that you were born to two different breeds of shape shifters. Can you define which species you are?

I’m unique…I have the ability to shift into any known animal. I’ve been told by my superiors there are only six of us with this unique ability walking the planet. We were all raised in much the same manner. Different governments across the world gathered and protected us from the evil of the world. We all now work as top agents in the United Nations Paranormal Division. My job is to keep the paranormal of the world on the right track, following the laws of the division. When they don’t, well, that’s really not an option. 

Abadone:  Your bio is pretty intense. What is it about your son Arch that gives you the dark intensity that rolls off of you in waves?

Arch is nothing more than a means to an end. His existence, while vital to my supremacy, is trivial to say the least. He was spawned for one purpose…to serve me. If he would accept ‘his place’ and fulfill his destiny, I wouldn’t be bound to Abaddon any longer.

StryderWho has been your biggest adversary when it comes to fighting?

Myself, and for this reason I am still unbeaten in battle. How can you expect to defeat others unless you’re constantly trying to better yourself? You’re only as good as the skills and knowledge of which you possess, so unless I keep expanding on that then I will fall at the hands of someone that has.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, as you can tell these characters are very eclectic and can be very dangerous. We must proceed with caution from here on out. ***

Lady IsisYour bio states “I am the Lady Isis High Sorceress of this world that has no name. Nor shall it.” Can you tell me why your world does not have a name?

Because many different genres and creatures can exist here. I did not want it to be like other RP sites where the world is created for you and you have to plug your character into a pre-existing world so the character fits in. At RPW the writer can instead use the world as their canvas to create whatever they want. The only limits are those the writer places on him or herself. So the world will be many different things to many different people. Also within RPW there are large group storylines run within specific worlds. So for those that don’t want to or don't have the time to create their own world, there is something here for them too. They can join a predetermined world. Some have set characters they can write others they can plug in their own characters within the parameters of the world. Aeonian Guard, Empyrean Pantheon, Savagely Undone and more coming.

BrayWhat are some of the unique shifting abilities due to this combined DNA?

My true combined DNA is just coming to light right now and it’s honestly rocking the foundation of my world. I’m still not completely sure who my father might be.  Every belief system I have is changing and I’m not so happy about what I’m finding out. Actually, it’s probably better to say I’m pretty angry right now. 

Abadone:  You talk about your son’s destiny. What is your destiny?

I am destined to rule over both Abaddon and Heaven, but I can’t fulfill my destiny until ‘my son’ ~eye roll~ fulfills his.

Lady Isis: *snaps her fingers under his nose* “Wake up Bad you’re doing that waking dream thing again.”

Bray:  *turns to Lady I* Umm… he isn’t minding you I don’t think. I suggest the lightning bolt idea from earlier!

Abadone:  *waves off Lady I completely* Come here Bray, I've got a lightning bolt for ya.

Bray:   Ab, I’m open to many things, but not quite seeing the benefit of the lightning bolt…Not ruling it out, just need time to think on it. I’ll get back with you. 

Lady Isis:  You want to keep that hand Bad?

StryderYou state you like your women sleek.  Have you ever thought about being with a woman who is as fierce of a competitor as you when it comes to battle? If you have done so, what did you like best about it? If not, why not?

*Laughs soft* As far as sleek goes I like them like my cars, just the right amount of curves, it gives for a better ride. I don't like my women weak, so of late I have discovered what I want. She challenges me, gives me something I have never had before. She is fierce to say the least and there is no doubt in my mind she will be able to stand beside me or better yet back to back in the midst of a battle. What did I like best about it... *Laughs as a huge grin crosses my face* Do we have a pg rating here? The only thing I would have to get use to is letting her fight her own battles; my automatic instinct is to protect what is mine. Something that will never change.

When you are not fighting for the King or quenching your lust, what do you like to do for entertainment?

*Gives a crooked grin* Well both of those are forms of entertainment in themselves but I love my cars. Going fast, feeling the rush of being free. I also play on the stock market which has given its advantages to my King and fellow guards... a small side hobby of mine. I also like my swords, so Slane (our weapons crafter for our guards) I am sure rolls his eyes each time I walk through his doors... Or gets excited. But I really enjoy anything that challenges me, life would be incomplete if we didn't learn new things each day, learn to push ourselves.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, now we are getting somewhere! I still feel like I am in a danger zone here, especially when it comes to Abadone. (Although I must say, Stryder is making me want to live dangerously if you know what I mean!)***

Lady IsisYou also assert that you have not tested the limits of your powers. Have they expanded any since your bio was put up on your page?

Oh yes. Most definitely. Others have come here and tested me. I've gutted them gaining strength from each victory.

Can you tell your audience what these powers are?

I’ve become more insightful. And just stronger overall.

Stryder:  God help them... Well I don't even know if he can in this circumstance. *quickly turns to Lady I before going back to the nodding and agreeing approach*

Lady Isis: *Staring at Stryder.* Good plan.

Abadone:  I don't understand the question. *hops off his stool and heads back down to his world where no one dares to ask any questions*.

Reviewer Danielle:  No! Wait! Please Abadone. Don’t leave! *Reviewer Danielle grabs Abadone’s sleeve, only to feel a searing pain as Abadone’s hot skin scorches her hand. “AHHHHHHHHHH. That’s hot!”

Abadone:  Oh, the sound of pain is a delight to my wicked ears. I think I might just stick around to hear more.

Bray:   *Narrows his brow watching Danielle now making eyes at the devil*  Danielle, we might need to spend some time going over how to better pick your next date.. .Just sayin.

BrayHave you been searching for your family since you started working for the Government?

No, I believed myself to be alone in the world, my parents abandoning me when I was born. Within the last few days I’ve found out I was much younger when the UN Paranormal division came for me. I’ve also found I have a twin sister, Natalia Petrov who ironically has been my on again, off again partner throughout the past ten years. Our abduction was brutal and they killed our mother. They took Natalia to Russia while I was raised in the United States. I’ve found out, we were both there when our mother was shot down in cold blood trying to protect us. We were taken by force at the age of three.

I’ve considered all six of us who have the same unique ability I do, may be related, but I don’t know.  I struggled believing the truth. A lot hit me all at once while Natalia and I were partnered on our current mission. It’s hard to change your life long belief systems. At the same time all this happened, I mated... To a god...  A male god, Aniketos... And I’m not gay. It’s been a rough few days. I’m resisting that mating.

Stryder:  *Laughs and tries to stop* If I reply to this we will be here all day, so many thoughts so little time.

Lady Isis:  "I'm with Stry."

Abadone:  Obviously I'm the only one that doesn't see the connection between the Q and A here.  And he's not gay...yeeeaa  riiiight *arches brow*.

Bray:  For the record, I agree with everyone but Abadone. Shock. *Rolls his eyes* I’m not gay.

AbadoneYou are the Angel of Destruction, Collector of Lost Souls, and bringer of Apocalypse. What is most satisfying about your job?

~arches brow~ seems like you answered your own question. Is this what you humans call a reverse hypophora?

What in the world is hypophora?

Hypophora is a figure of speech in which the speaker poses a question and then answers the question. 

What is most dissatisfying?

What is most dissatisfying? Purgatory. Once a soul enters my realm – presently anything I want other than heaven IS my realm, but that will become mine too – it belongs to me. Purgatory seems to be the back door to heaven for some.

StryderThe second half of your bio makes you seem almost egotistical and materialistic. But the first half really gives the reader a feel for the warrior and friend you are. Which side of the coin are you truly?

*Smiles at Danielle* If I said I wasn't egotistical I would be lying, I am very much so. But not without reason. You don't get to have done the things I have done or what I have seen without carrying some type of ego. Everything I possess or skills I have acquired have come from opportunities I have presented myself. You can have all the knowledge in the world but it doesn't mean you will ever know how to use it unless you give yourself the skills to do so.

As for what side of the coin, I think everyone is a little bit of both. I would die to protect my King and fellow guards, my brothers in arms. If you possess the ability to do it and chose not to then that would be a whole different question now wouldn't it?

Lady Isis: Of course he’s egotistical. We wouldn’t want him any other way. Besides he fits right in with the rest of us.

Abadone:  Ah yes ~stroking chin~ Stryder.  I’ve had my eye on that one for some time now.  A very good warrior indeed…once I beat the ego right out of him he’ll make a great addition down   here.

Bray:  *laughing he reaches over to give Abadone a quick knuckle touch* I’m thinking the highly developed skill Stryder uses is his ego. And I’m still laughing at the “fierce warrior”, I think it may be more like those human police officers. Stry is the fierce warrior protecting the donut shop.

Stryder:  Ab, I know what you wanna beat so you can keep watching all you like, at least you know you’re gonna get a good show. *Turning his glance to Bray* I think you have been watching a lil to much Hawaii 5 whatever it’s called, but if it’s a challenge you might wanna   rethink that statement Bray. 

Bray: *Grinning* I’ll take the challenge my friend. I’ll meet you at the donut shop in 5-0… *Laughing, giving his little joke a minute to settle in* Are you trying to say you are at a donut shop in Hawaii now?? *Grinning* I’m kidding my man, you are a total badass. All about you my friend!

What is it about money and materialistic things that has you bragging about it so much?
I guess when you have grown up in certain circumstances, and have had to fight for the very bread that enters your mouth you get to a point where you feel you have earned the right to brag about such thing.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Wow! Readers we are really getting to know these characters aren’t we? Now I am beginning to wonder if this was such a great idea. You know what they say…“curiosity killed the cat”. While some of these characters may have nine lives, I know I don’t!***

Lady IsisYou can hear the thoughts of most everyone except a select few.  How has that hindered your life? How has it helped?

It’s hindered me because sometimes you let people close that you shouldn’t and it’s helped by making me stronger as a result. Sometimes people hide who they really are but sooner or later they do reveal themselves and I have no trouble booting them off the site. When I first started this site I promised the writers it would be a safe place. A place where they could trust their co-writers, where writing would be encouraged and nurtured and the things that discouraged them we would not allow or tolerate. A place where their fans could come and enjoy excellent storytelling in a comfortable atmosphere. I have been true to that philosophy. In all things it is the writing that controls all decisions here. We are a writing/reading site not a social network.

Lady Isis:  *Projects her thoughts to them* They better just nod and agree.

Abadone:  nods and agrees - she does run a tight ship and has kept to her word.

Bray: *Nods and agrees* There is no harassment, or anger allowed here. Totally agree with everything the Lady I said.  *Looks up with a hopeful  expression on his face as a new thought comes to mind* Lady I, Aniketos keeps trying to hook up with me...You might need to blast him out of my story…IM NOT GAY!

BrayYou state that you are an invaluable commodity to the U.S. Government. Does this statement worry you?

It’s worried me very much since the moment the Fates appeared to Natalia and me. It’s probably my biggest concern.  I forgot to mention above that my bonding required Natalia and I to be in the same place as the twin gods, Aniketos and Alexaries. Natalia has bonded to Alexaries and he supplied us the true information of our birth and abduction.

If you decide to end your relationship with the U.S. Government, will they eliminate your position permanently?

*Laughing* they will eliminate me permanently, but I’m sure they will fill the position as soon as they have a candidate. They are trying very hard to find me as we speak.

Lady Isis: I guess I’ll have to take him in then. Grinning at the very thought.

Abadone:  Hmmm…the US Government is one of my strongest legions.  I’ll ‘mind link’ to one of my many minions in that legion, and let them know that this ‘Bray’ creature can be found here in RPW.  Thank you for your loyal service Reviewer Danielle.  It won’t be forgotten when it’s time for you to take your place here. 

Bray: *Shaking his head at Abadone* No, there will be no sharing information about where I might be…*turns quickly on the stool looking at Lady Isis* THANK GOD you rule over this world and not Abadone.  Maybe you could land a lightning bolt on his butt for even suggesting he might tell. *Lifts eyebrows at Abbie* What you got now?

Stryder: *At hearing the talk about the government suddenly decides he needs another drink*

Reviewer Danielle:  *Pretending that she isn’t hoping that Stryder will get up to order a drink so she can look at his butt. Since Lady Isis is smirking…she guesses she failed at hiding her thoughts from her. Instead she just shrugs as if to say, “Hey…I am a woman and he is a MAN”*

Bray: *Tosses hands in the air* Danielle, come sit by me. And stop reaching out to touch his butt. It’s not that great of a butt. Average at best, maybe a 7, or 8, ok no more than a 9 and that doesn’t mean I’m gay either. 

StryderHave you ever truly been in love? If so, what happened? If not, what would you do if you ever fell in love?

*Gives a grin as my hand lifts to rub my jaw line, as I clear my throat* Many, many a time... Or was that was lust..... Have I been in love before now? No... Am I now?  *grins cheeky*. That wasn't the question now, was it?

BUT if I ever fell in love assuming I haven't yet, she or he would need to fill the part of me that was always missing. So I would have no choice but to embrace and protect that which is mine. Love is a word that is taken lightly these days. I believe that everyone is made with a part of them missing and true love is when you find that person who contains your missing piece.

AbadoneYou know that what Arch feels for the Ice Princess is not just a random moment of passion. Did you have anyone in your life at one point or another that was forbidden to you? If so, what happened?

Yes. She took a bite of an apple and ended up wearing a fig leaf.

Well readers?! So far I have found that these characters are linked to us in ways that I never imagined.

Lady IsisHave you found your “reason why”? If so, can you state what it is and how it has affected your life on this realm? If not, has it had any impact on you?

I still seek the reason and am enjoying the journey as I search for it here. I have wonderful traveling companions that have made it all worthwhile. Even the bumps I flatten out. And am better for it.

BrayI absolutely love your posting under your bio entitled “Cherokee Wisdom”. Do you live your life by following this concept?

I love that post, I’m glad you like it. It’s actually more a post we keep on hand here in RPW I think... Regardless I’ve had it on my shelf for most of my adult life. The Cherokee Wisdom is just the true way of things said very simply. Hate and love run all the way through us, every one of us. No one can escape it. It’s in every situation and in every part of our lives.  It’s the choices we make every day. We decide how we handle ourselves in everything we do. The situation never dictates how we respond; only we do.

Which wolf do you feed?

I pray I feed the good side, but it’s a daily battle and I don’t truly know if I’m successful. I know taking out my Director probably didn’t feed my good wolf. But my bad wolf is very satisfied...

StryderHow did Lazeil come to know a young boy from the servant class?

Lazeil ...*Dropping his head Stryder pauses before answering the question* He came to me at a time in my life that had me facing some of my greatest challenges. I was at a low point, when he entered the dark dinginess of what I was merely existing through day to day. He saw something within me that was worth saving and fortunate for me King Savage agreed.

Why did he give you the opportunity for a future serving the king?

Even though I came from the place I did, they both saw something inside of me. The strength of which I needed to survive in the manner of which I did showed them what I was capable of. They took a chance with me and in doing so I owe them my life and will be forever in debited to them. The long years have brought the three of us of closer, they are my best friends. The day that Savage became King Lazeil stepped to his left and me to his right; nothing will ever touch or harm him unless we were both to fall.

AbadoneYou want your son to take over the Underworld. What will you do if he refuses?

It’s not a matter of ‘want’. I ‘need’ Arch to reign over the Underworld in order for me to ascend as ruler of both worlds. Help him to understand just how detrimental that decision would be to the iceberg he's become attached to.

Lady Isis: Daddy dearest needs to get over himself and Ice is just the one to help Arch assist him.

Bray: If Lady I would knuckle touch, I would do that now. Daddy also needs to get out of               women’s clothing. Arch is a little embarrassed about your choice of clothing. Just sayin.

Abadone:  Although Lord of the Underworld I respect Lady's I house so I won't point out that     Arch is going dooowwwnnn along with the dry ice.  Insofar as my choice of clothing *glares at               Bray*, I got these from your closet.

Bray: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!  I have to tell the readers, when Abbie said dooowwwnnn he got all dramatic, jumping from his seat, lifting his hand and slamming it down hard on the table. It was all very Halloweenesk. You would have loved it. *Ignores the remarks of his closet and just says*  I’m not gay.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, do you notice how many times Bray has proclaimed he is not   gay? Makes you wonder…is he protesting a LITTLE TOO MUCH???***

What will you do with your time if he does?

Scorch the heavens and enslave those within that realm.

Lady Isis: He’s got some serious issues I’d suggest he tried getting laid more often.

Bray: Oh, that sounds really inviting. I think I’ll plan my next vacation in that general area…

Abadone:  *snorting at both comments* Plebeians.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, I think I am going to ask one more question and then stop. Abadone seems to be enjoying my discomfort a little too much. ***

Normally I would ask the question I ask all of my interviewees. My usual question is this: If you were described as a flavor of coffee, what flavor would you be and why? I will expand on the question as I am not sure if you have even tried coffee or if they have it where you are from. If your characteristics were described as a drink from your world, what would it be and why?

Lady Isis: Hahahahahaha I don’t do coffee but yes, we have it here and things you might not have heard of. The closest thing to describe my characteristics would be hot chocolate made from the purist kind with a shot of dark rum, sweet but with a sharp distinctive bite. I do after all love to play with blades. *grins*

Bray: I think I’ll stick with the coffee.  I’m a triple shot espresso; quick…to the point…and with a purpose.

Abadone: Everclear. It’s flavorless and odorless – essentially me in a bottle. You won’t know what hit you until it’s too late.

Stryder: If a coffee had a smooth single malt flavor that would be me. Aged well, expensive the one that was always out of your reach until the timing was perfect. Then when you finally get a sip it’s the only thing that you can think of, always left wanting more because it eludes you.

Reviewer Danielle:  ***Readers, you know I would normally thank the interviewers again for their time. But the way Abadone has been eyeing me…well let’s just say it isn’t with the lust a man might feel for a woman. Not unless the sensual lust is really blood lust and he wants the red stuff running through my veins. Let’s get out of here…although I am sorely going to miss Stryder and his wicked ways. ***

As Reviewer Danielle starts to leave the RP World, against her better judgment she turns back for one more look. Staring at her with an intense, evil, and somehow “gotcha” looking grin, Abadone mouths one word. “Five”. Pointing to his list that contains all the souls he will be collecting soon, he mouths again, “Five”. Terrified, Reviewer Danielle hollers out, “Five what? Days? Weeks? Minutes? What!?” But all that she hears is Abadone’s razor sharp laughter that echoes throughout the now empty halls of RP World. Shivering, Reviewer Danielle decides to be very careful from here on out






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