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My name is Cherokee, and at this time I would like to do an interview with you for Coffee Time Romance. So if you have some time, the readers would love to hear something about Tysche Dwai and her stupendous works.

So now why don’t we begin the interview with Tysche Dwai?

Tysche Dwai, good morning and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Everyone would love to hear something about Tysche and her wonderful books.

Thank you, Cherokee. It is a pleasure to be here.

Tysche, I love the lovely shade of green on your website.

I worked hard to find something I liked and looked rich and sensual. I do all my own websites, so I have to take the blame as well as the praise…lol

I still remember Anything but Anderson’s.

That was a fun piece to write. I enjoy standing the traditional fairy tale on its ear.

I see you have some more interesting works that are out. I noticed that Midnight Showcase has some of your stories.

Yes, Midnight Showcase has two of my stories in publication, and a third due out later this year.

Is there a particular one that you would like to share with the readers today? Perhaps tell us a bit and even take a sneak peak into any upcoming releases? I love the cover of IRISH INTIMACIES AND IRONIES; why not tell us a bit about Clever Jack.

That story is another example of playing with fairy tales. I took an old Irish folk tale and rewrote it for the erotica market. It was perfect for the purpose, because it has love, intrigue, and the chance for a clever hero to triumph. The collection was originally published last year, but a revised version came out this March.

Jack himself is the youngest of three sons, and he is in love with the squire’s daughter. So he sets out to seek his fortune. The story tells of how he manages to win the girl he loves. It may have a bit more plot than some erotica readers like, but personally, I like a little story with my sex.

Your characters are always unique, where do you get the idea for them?

They come from many places. Some are inspired by legend, folk tale and myth, and some are just strictly my imagination.

Your coming soon book, Starr for the Teacher, with Midnight Showcase sounds like a winner. Would you like to tell the readers a bit about it?

Well, that is actually a story that will be in their Western Anthology, later in the year, I think it is. It is the story of an Eastern schoolteacher who is posted to a small town in Texas and falls for the local sheriff. There is a huge plot twist in it that I am trying to keep under wraps, so that’s all I will hint for now. ;)

What is your average time it takes to finish a novel?

A novel can take me anywhere from 2 months to 30 years, depending on the circumstances…lol. I have some things that still aren’t finished after 20 years of refining. Short pieces like stories and novellas are much quicker.

What books would your readers find on your bookshelf?

My tastes are extremely eclectic. They would find everything from horror, to romance, to mystery, to fantasy, and a great deal of non-fiction, like my Jack the Ripper collection and my Titanic books.

Do you usually follow an outline or go with the flow?

Usually I just go with the flow, but lately, I have been having more respect for a loose outline structure. Not a full-blown Roman numeral outline, but at least a list of plot points.

Tysche, is there anything that you use for inspiration while composing, perhaps a favorite song or just getting a glimpse of nature?

I often play music that relates to my current project in some way – instrumental is less distracting – and I have a large bulletin board covered with images hanging in my office for inspiration. A walk with my camera can also turn up some ideas.

What was your instant reaction when you heard you had been contracted for a book contract?

When the book is done – Wow…wonder what edits they will want. When it is on spec, as my Midnight Showcase pieces have been – Wow…wonder where that story will take me? J

Is there much work involved when promoting your book?

Promotion is never-ending work. I also write non-erotic pieces under other names, so I am always promoting something.

And what is your favorite TV Show?

Any flavor of Law and Order – though I am also partial to Monk and House.

Tysche thank you so much for joining me in this interview. Are there any other upcoming works you would like to mention to the readers today?

Not necessarily “upcoming”, but I do encourage people to check out my story “The River God’s Bride” in Midnight Showcase’s Dragons, Elves, and Myths, Oh My! for a story based on an Ancient Chinese myth…

Again Tysche thanks so much. I have enjoyed our chat. Be sure to visit Tysche’s website and learn more about her delightful books.






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