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Welcome everyone, Spring is in the air and love is everywhere. Come and join us today as we talk to Tempra Collins, she will be talking about her book Bad Judgment and a little about herself. Coffee Time Romance welcomes Tempra Collins.

Welcome Tempra, and thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions

Thank you Wateena, it is a pleasure to be doing this interview with you!

Tempra would you tell us a little bit about the book Bad Judgment?

The book Bad, where do I start? Bad Judgment is a book about a middle aged mother and her struggles to keep her family happy, as well as together. Being a parent is hard enough, but when you’re a parent of a teenage daughter, the struggle seems a little tougher. Megan loves her daughter Lacy and she only wants what is best for her as any parent would, but Lacy is now involved with a boy that in Megan’s eyes seems to be up to no good. Throughout the book Megan tries to keep her daughter away from the boyfriend, but he would do almost anything to stay with Lacy, even if it means hurting someone badly. Megan’s husband Michael has cheated on her after nineteen years of marriage and now Megan has to decide what is more important, saving her marriage, or saving her daughter from her dangerous boyfriend!

Tempra, I read Bad Judgment. I absolutely loved it! As everyone may know I gave it a five cup. Why this type of book? And where did the inspiration come from?

Thanks a lot Wateena. I think I cried for about an hour after seeing the review you gave Bad Judgment, thanks again! To tell you the truth nothing inspired me, accept for God. I was sitting on my couch one day thinking about a title for my next book and I came up with the title Seduction at first. I had no idea I was going to write Bad Judgment, none at all. I just started writing and whatever came to my mind, I wrote. My daughter is only seven years old and my son is three, so it is not like I know the experiences of having a teenager, but I know I will have to go through it with my babies, and believe me, I will know what to do if my daughter ends up having a boyfriend like Ryan, it is hard to even think about. I am getting prepared as we speak, lol, NO BOYFRIENDS! LOL.

I noticed that Megan is a very strong female character in Bad Judgment. Do you prefer you heroine's to be Strong?

Yes, I prefer strong characters, because if the character is persistent, it will help keep the reader on the edge of their seat!

Tempra, how do you work your writing life around your family life?

I usually write in the evening after dinner. It is all fairly easy to me. I write when my children are asleep or when my husband is at school. Sometimes I will have my husband keep the children downstairs while I am writing. I will write for about an hour and the rest of my time goes to my family.
What do you like best about being a writer?

I love the fact that readers can relate to the characters. It makes you feel good to know that someone out there is reading your story. I just want to share my gift with the world, and if I can get one reader to get goose bumps I feel like I have done my job.

Has the concept for Bad Judgment been in the works long? Or was this something that came to you all of a sudden?

It came all of the sudden! It took me three weeks to write it and the only reason why it took that long is because I was so emotional when I was writing it. I feel what my characters feel and it is really weird because I feel as if I am going through it with them. It is a good thing I did not write Psycho because my husband would have his work cut out for him, lol.

Tempra what do you find is the hardest in your writing? The Plot,The Characters, beginning a story , research ect...

NONE! It all comes so easy. I do not think about all of that when I am writing. I just start writing and let the characters do the work. I know it might sound silly, but if I have an idea I will write and not stop until it is done.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a short story which will be finished in a couple of days called The Thirst, and also I am working on True Obsession II: Live to Tell, which is a sequel to my first novel, True Obsession.

Tempra; Bad Judgment touched me, as I am sure it touched a lot of women who have read it, what do you hope and want the reader to get out of this story?

Wateena, that is exactly what I wanted to happen. I want the reader to realize that just because this book is fiction, does not mean that it could not happen, or has not. As a mother (parent) it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and out of harms way. We cannot always be there to protect them but we can let them know the danger out in this evil world. If you have teenagers, meet the person they are dating (if they are dating). Set boundaries and get to know the parents as well as the person. Don’t just trust anyone!

Tempra can you tell us what you think would be a perfect romantic evening?

Perfect romantic evening to me would be calling up the babysitter for a few hours, making a candlelight dinner, listening to a little bit of Kenny G and drinking until we drop, lol.

Would you give us you website address?

Yes, it is I will be getting another website soon that does not start with free, lol.
Tempra is there anything you would like to add before we end our chat?

Yes, I would like to thank all of my fans for supporting me throughout this vivid experience. Also I would like to thank my husband and children for putting up with my mood swings while writing, lol. I dedicate this interview to my loved ones that I lost.

Thank you so much Tempra, I so enjoyed working with you, and look forward to your upcoming books.

It has been a pleasure and I would do it again in a heart beat! Thank You.

Another great author we have learned more about!

On behalf of Coffee Time Romance we thank Ms. Collins for taking time to down with us and get to know more about her and her work. Thanks Ms.Collins.






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