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Hello Tamela and welcome to Coffee Time Romance.  I've got a cozy chair for you to relax, even some plush pink slippers to put on your feet while we share a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you notice I have an assortment of blends for you to choose. We also have some fresh baked cookies, muffins and brownies, and Karenne has assured me, she has removed every single calorie. Readers are anxiously waiting to hear from the talented storyteller, Tamela Quijas, and especially your latest upcoming release: Blood Moon. As soon as you are comfortable, we will begin.

First, why not tell us what a day is like once Tamela wakes in the morning and eases out of bed?

Goodness, I'm off and running!  I'm a morning person that wakes up early (Lately it's been 3:30) to squeeze in a few hours of writing.  I have 3 children still at home, one of which I homeschool.  My day is a flurry of chores, homework, volunteering as a reading tutor at the local elementary school, blogging, attending college classes at night, and everything that slips in during the day. 

We would love to hear about your upcoming release, Blood Moon, the second book in the Blood Chronicles. I believe this one is due out soon and follows Blood of the Beast – Book One of the Blood Chronicles. Can you share this story with your readers, please?

Certainly!  Blood Moon was just completed yesterday and should be available in print by the end of the week.   Blood Moon is a paranormal romance involving, of all things, a historical romance author.  Told in first person, my heroine is thrust into a world of danger and vampire lore when she witnesses a murder on a secluded city street.  I believe this can best be described in my back cover blurb for the novel: 

Romance Author Genevieve Carter's world revolved around daydreams and fantasy.  More involved in a world that existed between her and imagination, she was unprepared for the horror she witnessed on a busy street.

He had died in her arms, the victim of a vicious and brutal crime. 

Genie would never forget his gasping words, the molten gold of his eyes as he had stared at her, or the final breath that had escaped his lips.  She had left the city soon afterward, tormented by his handsome image, haunted by his whispered pleas.

She had been with him when he died. 

Then, why, was he on her doorstep?

Tamela, where did you get the inspiration to pen this exciting series?

Blood of the Beast, which is Book 1 of the Blood Chronicles, was a romance that haunted me for months.  When I began to write, the story spilled from me so swiftly that I could barely stop.  Haunted might not have been the correct word...I felt possessed to tell the story of Demetri and Valentina.  I continued with Blood Moon, re-introducing a compatriot of Demetri's and granting him a story of his own.  Dominic Delano is a brilliant criminal lawyer that harbors his own dark secrets and, I felt, he needed his own opportunity to speak.

I love the names that you gave the characters. Was it hard coming up with the characters names?

Thank you!  I love 'old' names that are steeped in history.  There's a beauty to them, and a uniqueness, that makes a person pause and remember that particular name.   

Would you like to discuss with us your next work in progress that Tamela is working on?

I'm working on a historical romance, would you believe?  Moonlight Deception is nearly half completed and I hope to have it released late Summer 2010.  Moonlight Deception is a tale of a young lady who, inadvertently, is thrust into the arms of the man she adored when she was young.  The romance will be a story of intrigue, romance, and deception that I hope my readers will love.

Can you describe your workspace?

My workspace is the kitchen table.  Seriously!  I have the best light in that area, provided by a picture window that overlooks the garden. I position my computer where I can see all my roses and fruit trees, and watch the quails and doves strut about the yard. 

How long does it take you to compose a book from start to finish?

Normally, 3 to 4 months. Normally, the book is completed in approximately 3 months, then I spend the last month editing and tweaking.

Do you outline, or go with the flow when you compose?

I go with the flow!  I tend to write my first and last chapter on the day I begin the novel.  Afterwards, I mull over my each chapter before I doze off to sleep, inventing possible scenarios.  After a night of consideration, and with a fresh mind, I leap right into writing the next morning.  

What important lesson in life have you passed on to your children?

Patience would be first and foremost! Nothing happens overnight and patience is a necessity in life. Be open-minded and accepting.  Not everyone thinks the same way as others; accept everyone for their differences, and keep you mind open to the thoughts of others. Let everyone dear to you know how much they are appreciated. Life's too short to not let someone know they're loved. 

What movie have you watched and when it was over, wished it had ended a different way?

Nights in Rodanthe was the most recent movie I watched where I was disappointed in the end.  Goodness, when the 'twist' occurred, I wanted to shut it off and leave it unfinished.  Instead, I continued to watch it with my daughter.  We agreed it was a one time movie and never again would we watch it.

What book have you read and wanted to change the outcome?

Oooh, this is a risky admission for me....Bella should be with Jacob....

Congrats, you have the choice to either go skydiving for the day, or spend the day river rafting down the Grand Canyon or ride the mule ride down the Grand Canyon, which would you choose?

River Rafting!  I enjoy that thrill that whisks the breath from me, gets my heart beating wildly in my chest, and makes me feel so alive! 

You have been given three wishes, what would you wish for?

Three wishes--two would have to be spent on my children's health and happiness (did I happen to mention my husband and I have 7?)  My last wish:  That's a tough one for me....

I notice you and I love some of the same shows, Moonlight, Burn Notice, True Blood, Supernatural, to name a few. If you could star in either one of the shows which one would you like to be cast in and with what actor?

Oh, darling!  Hands down--Give me Moonlight!  I would love to be cast in the show (which, unfortunately, isn’t on Television any more) and the actor would have to be Alex O'Loughlin.  Gorgeous young man, perfect vampire with a heart, enchanting smile...I could go on and on... 

Tamela, I cannot thank you enough for this interview. I had fun today and enjoyed our chat. I wish you the best in your writing.  






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